Today's Horoscope

  • ARIESmar 21 - april 20

    Clarify a situation before jumping to a wrong conclusion. Relationship tip: Take a close look at friendships that are imbalanced. Giving and receiving are both important in keeping relationships healthy.

  • TAURUSapril 21 - may 20

    You may not have a choice but to work a little extra and take on additional responsibilities. Any financial pressures should begin to ease off. Relationship tip: Honesty with a friend or loved one needs to be balanced with compassion, even if you feel the person is behaving completely illogically.

  • GEMINImay 21 - june 21

    Any unclear situation will need prompt action. Keep your ego aside and think about what you want to achieve in the long term. Relationship tip: Those who want to make new friends need to be a little proactive. Don't let your mood affect interactions with people, especially close family.

  • CANCERjun 22 - july 23

    Assess situations before taking action. Any legal matter or paperwork needs to be double checked before you sign. Relationship tip: Take other peoples' opinions at face value and don't get into unnecessary quarrels. You might feel like staying away from certain people for a while.

  • LEOjuly 24 - aug 23

    This is a positive time for finances. Let go of habits that no longer serve a purpose. Relationship tip: Spend time with family, and stay away from controversial topics of conversation as far as possible. Relationship advice from someone you trust would be invaluable.

  • VIRGOaug 24 - sept 23

    Make the most of the circumstances you find yourself in, and you should be able to move ahead fairly quickly. Relationship tip: Family time should be a priority, even if it means being choosy about social commitments. Singles are in a positive phase.

  • LIBRAsept 24- oct 22

    Let go of any self-created blocks and habits that prevent you from doing your best professionally and personally. A situation may be more than it seems to be. Relationship tip: Anyone who has proven to be untrustworthy can betray you again. This is a positive time for singles looking for an arranged match.

  • SCORPIOoct 23 - nov 22

    Stay within good manners and established procedure and protocol if you have to a deal with a situation in which you feel you need to take a stand. Relationship tip: Singles who have met someone new should listen to their intuition if the person seems not completely sincere or is overenthusiastic about you.

  • SAGITTARIUSnov 23 - dec 22

    Pay attention to your spending habits and stick to a workable budget. Helping an old friend or acquaintance should not mean a loss or problems for you. Relationship tip: Keep your cool and don't get caught in quarrels. Making a decision will be challenging if you are no sure about what you want.

  • CAPRICORNUSdec 23 - jan 20

    Reacting from habit might make a situation unnecessarily complicated. Any family matter that needs attention should be dealt with as best as possible and not be ignored. Relationship tip: Take stock of the important people in your life, and make time for them. Accept people for who they are.

  • AQUARIUSjan 21 - feb19

    Advice from a spiritual mentor would be invaluable. This is a positive time for businesspersons with projects getting completed or nearing completion. Relationship tip: You would be able to handle group dynamics well, especially in a group where you are extremely close to multiple people in the group.

  • PISCESfeb 20 - mar 20

    Those at a crossroad in their career might want to ask a mentor for advice before making a decision. Focus on investments instead of spending in the coming weeks. Relationship tip: Avoid getting back in touch with an ex or friend you have cut ties with. The same issues will repeat themselves.




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