Today's Horoscope

  • Ariesmar 21 - april 20

    Advice from a mentor would be invaluable, but you do need to put it into practice. Look at your spending habits and patterns, and make the changes you need to. Health tip: Your body has its own innate wisdom, and you must acknowledge what it is trying to tell you before any problem becomes chronic.

  • Taurusapril 21 - may 20

    Use the advantages you have carefully, and after a lot of thought. Do not give into the temptation to take the easy way out. Health tip: Breathing clean, fresh air is extremely important. You might need to get your air conditioner filters cleaned if you spend most of your time in an air conditioned environment.

  • Geminimay 21 - june 21

    Think about how you will approach your boss extremely carefully if you need to make an important point. Let go of the past. Health tip: Consult a qualified nutritionist before making any drastic changes in your food habits. Any chronic acidity might be because of a food allergy.

  • Cancerjun 22 - july 23

    ou need to put in double your usual effort. Focus on making investments, no matter how small, rather than on unnecessary spending. Health tip: Avoid the food and environment you know you are allergic to. Ensure that you keep your home and workspace as clean and dust-free as possible.

  • Leojuly 24 - aug 23

    Be willing to step out of your comfort zone and focus on positives instead of worrying about a situation that may not be as bad as it seems. Health tip: A mini detox will work wonders for your health and energy levels. Choose one thing to cut out (for example tea/coffee) instead of too many at once.

  • Virgoaug 24 - sept 23

    A slightly confusing situation will clarify itself if you are willing to make the effort needed to understand it minutely. Speak your truth with dignity and honesty. Health tip: Your diet is extremely crucial, especially if you have digestive issues or a chronic health issue that refuses to go away.

  • Librasept 24- oct 22

    Consciously avoid getting into a quarrel or competitive frame of mind with a friend or close family member. Avoid investing in the parallel economy. Health tip: Regular exercise is essential, and a consistent routine that you can stick to should be a priority rather than a stop-and-go approach.

  • Scorpiooct 23 - nov 22

    Do not neglect any property related concern, especially if it is family property. Those who want to conceive a child are in a positive phase. Health tip: Make time for some self-care and pampering. Time spent doing something you enjoy will help you relax and de-stress.

  • Sagittariusnov 23 - dec 22

    Be careful about whom you trust, as not everyone would act in your best interests. Businesspersons need to be careful about sticking to protocol involving legal matters. Health tip: You might need to get a second opinion or change physicians if you are dealing with a chronic illness that does not improve.

  • Capricornusdec 23 - jan 20

    Look at any difficult situation from a different perspective to understand how best to deal with it. Stick to following office protocol and procedures, even if they seem a waste of time and restrictive. Health tip: Do intensive research before starting any medical procedure or making a change in lifestyle.

  • Aquariusjan 21 - feb19

    Finding a balance between your personal and professional life will not be difficult. Businesspersons need to be cautious while dealing with any government officials. Health tip: Make time to rest and relax. Getting enough sleep and downtime is essential to your health and wellbeing.

  • Piscesfeb 20 - mar 20

    Consciously doing what is right will keep you at an advantage. Keep the larger picture in mind while making important decisions. Health tip: Cut back or give up stimulants like nicotine, alcohol and caffeine.




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