Today's Horoscope

  • ARIESmar 21 - april 20

    A carelessly spoken word can cause more stress than it is worth even if having your say feels good in the moment. Relationship tip: Mixing money issues and relationships is not a good idea.

  • TAURUSapril 21 - may 20

    Getting work finished on time should not be too much of a challenge, though you might have to deal with competitiveness. Relationship tip: Nostalgia may make you feel wistful. Focus on the people in your life currently instead of those who have walked away.

  • GEMINImay 21 - june 21

    Choosing from options need not be difficult if you are sure of the outcome you want. A situation at work may need quick response from you. Relationship tip: Honesty is important, especially in close relationships, but you need not be brutally honest. There are some issues that really have no solution.

  • CANCERjun 22 - july 23

    Make new investments after careful thought. This is a positive time for meetings, interviews and negotiations. Handle change intelligently instead of getting upset. Relationship tip: Relationships may require the willingness to step up to responsibilities. Spend quality time with your spouse and children.

  • LEOjuly 24 - aug 23

    Finances and property matters can get sorted out, but you need to take the initiative. Do not make promises that will be difficult to honour. Relationship tip: Refusing to look at and work through relationship issues will not make them go away. Be careful whom you take advice from.

  • VIRGOaug 24 - sept 23

    Finding the right balance between friendliness and professional distance is crucial while interacting with colleagues. Relationship tip: Consciously walk away from conflict and quarrels over issues that have no easy solution. There may be situations that you just have to accept and live with.

  • LIBRAsept 24- oct 22

    Do not take situations at face value or react from ego. A practical approach will be more effective than any emotional reaction. Relationship tip: Not everyone has your interest at heart, and you need to be selective about whom you confide in. Your mother may need a little extra attention.

  • SCORPIOoct 23 - nov 22

    Saying exactly what is on your mind may not be a very good idea. A stressful situation that seems to have no resolution should be handled by taking one day at a time. Relationship tip: Be patient with your parents and donâ't allow yourself to react to their behaviour. Remaining calm is key.

  • SAGITTARIUSnov 23 - dec 22

    Businesspersons need to know if and when to walk away from a proposed deal. Use tact while dealing with a difficult colleague. Relationship tip: Any relationship issues should be tabled and dealt with in a 'grown up' way. You may want to reconnect with a friend who has moved abroad.

  • CAPRICORNUSdec 23 - jan 20

    Make the most of a phase that can result in success if you handle it properly. Look at ways to improve your work profile and take your career to the next level. Relationship tip: Taking on additional responsibilities need not be the burden you think it will be. Difficult equations can be mended if both of you want to.

  • AQUARIUSjan 21 - feb19

    Make the most of opportunities and avoid any feelings of complacency. You can build and improve on what you have achieved so far with a little extra effort. Relationship tip: A friendship that has become distant can be revived if you put your ego aside. Look for the best in people instead of what annoys you.

  • PISCESfeb 20 - mar 20

    Karma may come back to reward or haunt you. Any inheritance issues need to be handled in a practical manner. Relationship tip: Those who need to make an important decision need to be very clear about what they want. Any regrets are a waste of time.




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