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How yoga can help to strike the work-life balance

Updated on: 04 February,2020 01:55 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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Here are some philosophies and way of life, that Yoga strongly believes in, that can also help to strike a healthy work-life balance

How yoga can help to strike the work-life balance

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Yoga is much more than what you experience on the mat. In fact, Yoga is something that you should also take away with you off-the-mat. It is definitely not about the one hour that you do asanas and pranayamas but it about making Yoga a way of life.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras talk about Sukha and Stirtha, so we must try to bring about this happiness and steadiness not only in our asanas but also in our day-to-day life. We are so busy with our work, that we forget that work is just a part of our life, something that we do to have a standard of living and to support our family. If we spend a lot of time just working and not paying attention to our family and health, then what is the point of earning money? Find Sthirata (stability) in your work and let your personal life give you Sukha (happiness).

Here are some philosophies and way of life, that Yoga strongly believes in, that can also help to strike a healthy work-life balance:

1. Vairagya (Detachment): It is the detachment that you must achieve from your work. Every person has certain Dharmas (duties), that he must perform. When you are at work, focus only on your work, and give in your 100%. However, the minute you enter into your house, try to leave all the work and work-related stress at the door-step. Bring about this Vairagya and you will already notice a healthy shift in your work-life balance. 

2. Pranayama: Some of the pranayama practices that help to destress are Nadi-Shodhan Pranayama and Abdominal Breathing. These practices help to give you a quick detox so that you are able to think in a rational manner and maintain a correct balance between things. 

3. Asanas: All the asanas can inculcate their respective emotional goodness in your mind. However, a few of the asanas can really help to bring about concentration and balance. They will not only work on the physical body but also mentally and emotionally. Try to include Talasana, Pawan Mukhtasana Standing Variation, Hastapadangustasana, and Garudasana in your daily practice to notice a difference in your perspective.

4. Shavasana: The practice of conscious relaxation or Shavasana, can help to rejuvenate the mind-body complex. It can remove the deep-rooted stress from the physical, mental, and emotional levels. Thereby leaving you with a much clear and balanced thought process. Just this simple practice can help you to strike the work-life balance.

5. Inside-out: Just like, 'you are what you eat,' what you think on the inside, can definitely reflect on the outside. So if you have happy thoughts, you are bound to have a happy and healthy outlook on life. Only a happy person is able to manage and balance everything that is there on his plate.

Try to incorporate these basic Yogic Techniques and Philosophies in your daily life. Soon, you will definitely be able to strike the balance between your work life and personal life.

By Dr. Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra – Director, The Yoga Institute.

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