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5 Best AI Writing Assistants

Updated on: 30 November,2023 06:01 PM IST  |  MUMBAI
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AI writing assistants help generate original ideas to create authentic content.

5 Best AI Writing Assistants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an undeniable presence in the current world, especially in the field of content creation. AI writing assistants help generate original ideas to create authentic content. They also enable the user to write flawless articles without any grammatical errors. In short, AI writing assistants have literally taken over the content creation world. It is difficult to avoid AI while creating content now.

Despite getting constant criticism from skeptics worldwide, the possibilities are endless with AI writing assistants. These software or applications help people with quality content in an extremely short time. They also use techniques to make the content SEO and NLP optimized, which will create more engagement with the content.

The ability of AI writing assistants is beneficial in enhancing human beings' essential creativity. Such assistants present unique ideas that a human being can develop and use creatively.

Using the best AI writing assistant will be incredibly helpful to individuals and businesses alike in attracting significant traffic online. In the current era, where “content is cash,” the scope of AI writing assistants is limitless.

5 Best AI Writing Assistants: Top Picks

Here are our top five best AI writing assistants picks.

1. Junia AI

2. Grammarly Business

3. Jasper

4. Notion

5. Wordtune

5 Best AI Writing Assistants: Detailed Reviews

1. Junia AI

Junia AI was launched recently in April 2023. It is now one of the fastest-growing AI writing assistants worldwide. It has only been about eight months since Junia AI was launched. However, Junia AI has managed to gain thousands of customers.

Junia AI is widely noted for the following qualities.

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Premium quality content
  • Quick delivery
  • Multiple language options
  • SEO optimization

Junia AI is great for creating long-form content, like articles, blog posts, etc. All the content generated by Junia AI is search engine optimized. So, the content from Junia AI generates high traffic online.

Junia AI is a browser-based service or application. A Google account or valid email ID is enough to use Junia AI's services. The Junia AI dashboard helps use the platform easily.

The highlight of Junia AI is that it carries out keyword research, SEO optimization, etc., with just a single click. It collects recent keyword data from various search engines and uses it to improve the quality of the content.


Customers can use Junia AI to write the following content forms.

  • Listicles
  • Summaries
  • Paraphrases
  • Blog posts
  • Long articles


Here are some unique features available at Junia AI.

AI-equipped Keyword Research

Keywords are vital in creating engaging content. Junia AI collects the latest keyword data from various search engines. Keyword optimization enables Junia AI’s content to reach ten times more audience than regular content. The keyword research at Junia AI also considers the keywords used most by competitors.

Effective Article Expansion

One of the significant highlights of Junia AI is that it can take up any write-up, even from halfway. Junia AI can copy and mimic the writer’s style and vocabulary to complete any article without compromising its coherency.

Junia AI supports about 30 global languages and, thus, is helpful for many people worldwide in generating content in their local language.

Easy Image Insertion

Visuals and images are an essential aspect of engaging content. Junia AI generates images to use in the articles. Junia AI also supports the creation of several variations of a single image. This feature is highly helpful in creating product review articles.

AI Blog Rewriter

AI blog rewriter is a unique feature available at Junia AI. The user can submit an already-written article that does not perform quite well. Junia AI helps rewrite the article to make it more engaging and attractive. It can improve the article's depth and make it rank better on search engines.

Brand Voice

Junia AI helps with developing a unique brand voice for any business. Companies usually have cliché marketing and writing styles. Junia AI helps with developing an exclusive brand style for any business. It helps create a cohesive style by editing the existing articles and optimizing future articles.


  • SEO-based content writing
  • AI image generator
  • Up to 6000 words
  • 30+ languages
  • Free Version

2. Grammarly Business

Grammarly has been a popular grammar-checking platform for content creators since 2009. It became famous for its editing services. Recently, Grammarly launched its AI writing assistant feature named Grammarly AI. Grammarly AI is available as a part of its Business plan.

Grammarly AI helps correct even the smallest mistakes. It acts as a convenient writing assistant for the user. The highlighting feature is that it can be turned off if not needed. It is primarily helpful in Google Docs. It helps with creating original content also.

Grammarly AI is useful in completing half-written articles, too. It identifies the writer's writing style and copies it to finish the article effectively. Many pricing plans are available for Grammarly AI. There is a free program also available for Grammarly AI. But users can only use the free version for about 100 times only.


Under the features category, it is essential to note that Grammarly AI does not offer many unique features. But, it focuses on quality content creation and provides the necessary toolset to realize that goal. So, let’s check some of the plans available on the Grammarly AI platform.

Grammarly AI Free Program

The free program from Grammarly AI helps with the grammar, punctuation, and spelling of the articles a user writes. It helps with the conciseness of the content. It identifies the article's tone and provides better suggestions on the go. Users can avail of up to 100 prompts from the free program.

Grammarly AI Premium Plan

The premium plan at Grammarly AI offers every service available in the free program. It helps with maintaining the consistency of the article’s punctuation and spelling. The premium plan is beneficial for people who have limited English fluency. The plan supports full rewrite features, which is helpful for non-native English speakers. Users get up to 1000 AI prompts from the Grammarly AI premium plan.

Grammarly AI Business Plan

Grammarly AI business plan comes with all the features and services available in the premium plan. It has an extra style guide, which helps the user polish the style and delivery of the article. It also helps with setting a unique brand tone for any business. The analytics dashboard is an exclusive feature available with the business plan at Grammarly AI.

3. Jasper

Jasper AI is a leading AI writing assistant with users worldwide. It helps marketers, creators, and business people to create high-quality content for various purposes. The user must only provide the necessary keywords to get premium-quality content from Jasper.

Some of the services offered at Jasper are as follows.

  • Blog posts
  • Product descriptions
  • Marketing copy, etc.

Jasper is highly affordable. It helps generate unique ideas and thoughts. The user interface of Jasper is seamless. Navigating through the Jasper dashboard and finding the necessary tools and features is much easier.


Brand Voice

Jasper helps set a brand voice for any business. The brand voice feature from Jasper provides a set of features and tools that help establish a unique style for a business. These features allow the customer to set a style, identity, and tone for their brand. It saves significant effort and time that would otherwise be spent on heavy marketing.

Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat is a unique feature available at Jasper. It is an alternative to the popular chatbots. It conducts a conversation with the users regarding their likes and dislikes in content creation. This chatbot is highly helpful in understanding the customer's exact needs.

Product Descriptions

As mentioned before, Jasper is highly helpful in creating all forms of content. But they are the best at writing compelling product descriptions. The user only has to provide the essential details on the product to the platform. Jasper provides an engaging product description to the user in a limited time. The product descriptions from Jasper contain accurate information on the product, its unique features, and many more.

4. Notion

The notion is a famous project management tool. Companies like Nike openly admitted that they use Notion at their workplace. Recently, Notion created an AI writing assistant service for its subscribers. The feature is named Notion AI, and it has become highly popular among small businesses.

The Notion AI feature is available for subscribers to the Notion platform. It functions alongside the project management tool at Notion. The users can turn the AI feature on and off whenever necessary.

Four pricing plans are available for the Notion AI service. They are as follows.

  • Free
  • Plus
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Some of the most noted features of Notion AI facility are as follows.

  • Convenient AI text generator
  • 100% original content
  • Ideal for creating long-form content creation.

5. Wordtune

Wordtune is a popular AI writing assistant tool that focuses on rephrasing articles. This tool is similar to Grammarly and provides many services.

Wordtune is famous for the following services.

  • Informal content
  • Formal content
  • Shortening content
  • Expanding content
  • Rephrasing content

Wordtune also helps with various editing aspects of writing. Some of them are as follows.

  • Grammar corrections
  • Tone detection
  • Synonyms
  • Plagiarism checks

However, users must remember that the platform is only ideal for editing and rewriting existing content. It is not capable of generating original content from scratch.

Best AI Writing Assistant: How to Find the Perfect One?

There is a high demand for quality content. This has caused the popularity of AI writing assistant software and tools to go up. Hundreds of AI writing assistants are now available online. But few are qualified enough to be called the best AI writing assistants.

Some of the features the customer has to look for to find the best AI writing assistant online are as follows.

Intuitive User Interface

The interface of the software should be intuitive. It should also be easy to navigate. A user-friendly interface will help even beginners to produce quality content.

Browser Extensions

The AI writing assistant needs browser extensions. It is not ideal for them to be limited to a mobile application. It helps to improve the workflow of any project appropriately.


Templates are essential for an AI writing assistant. While writing long-form articles, a strong template can come in handy. They help save significant time and effort. They also provide a flow to the writing.

Spelling and Grammar Correction

It would be ideal if an AI writing assistant had an in-built spelling and grammar correction mechanism. This helps the user to make necessary changes as and when needed.

Final Word

Many AI writing assistants are available in the market today. A good AI writing assistant should be able to create content from scratch. It should also be able to rewrite existing content. It is advisable to get a free AI assistant for your initial projects. Users may need to spend some time on the AI assistants first to get used to it. So, it is better to avoid losing money during the learning period.


1. What are AI writing assistants?

AI writing assistants are software that helps generate quality content. They help with the editing of various content. They also develop original content from keywords.

2. Which is the best AI writing assistant?

Junia AI is the best AI writing assistant. Junia AI helps with writing content in long formats. It is also useful in editing or rewriting content. It is helpful to small and large businesses.

3. Is there a way to check AI writing?

There is a way to check AI writing. Many applications are available that check the presence of AI content in articles. Many people use such applications to check the originality of the content.

4. Can AI write a book?

AI can definitely write a book. AI has already written a book. It only used some basic inputs and keywords from humans. The name of the book is ‘1 The Road’.

5. Is AI writing assistant safe?

AI writing assistant is safe. It helps the user with writing quality content. It does not cause any harm to the user. So it can be considered safe and reliable.

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