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Meet Narendra Kumar, the Influential Man who is Unleashing the Energy of Budding Entrepreneurs

Updated on: 09 July,2021 12:00 AM IST  |  Mumbai
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He is a visionary known for being a business consultant and a personality who has a strong foundation

Meet Narendra Kumar, the Influential Man who is Unleashing the Energy of Budding Entrepreneurs

Narendra Kumar

Narendra Kumar is known for being a remarkable business tycoon, but some things are yet to be known about him.


Early life

He was born in the year 1985 and was raised in the city of MaaJanki. He has always seen Narendra Modi as an ideal man. As a child, he was fascinated by Swami Vivekananda and had always wanted to help the youth and work towards the prosperity of the nation. He continued his studies in CA and CS and was always known for his leadership qualities. It's been over a decade now that he has spent his life in high managerial positions.


What should one know about Narendra Kumar?

Not only does he dream, but he also achieves; he takes care of the fact that ideas should be brought into action. He is also the founding member of Enterslice. He is always ready to help someone out in need. During the pandemic, he had donated automatic sanitization dispensers to the police department and had received an appreciation letter and a shield for it by the Police Commissioner of Gautam Budh Nagar. Not only does he help people, but he is also trying to bring some positive changes around the country. He had recently participated in the National Commission for Women, and as the speaker, he had focused on literacy and financial inclusion for the same cause. When the world was trying to save their money, he extended his hand and donated 11.5 lakh rupees to the PM care fund. Through this NGO, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, he has supported & saved lakhs of many lives amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


He is a visionary known for being a business consultant and a personality who has a strong foundation. He knows his work well and also keeps up with the reputation he has maintained until now. He is a chef who knows his recipe well and follows it. He believes in walking forward and walking together towards a beautiful nation which each one of us has created.



We have always been in a situation where we have ideas but do not know what to do next. And the most important thing is when we do not know whom to go to for seeking help. We have a man amongst us who would help you without he's eating for even a second. 


Narendra Kumar had always believed that every individual is unique and has great ideas, but they often stop at a point where they do not know how to do it. He also thinks that many underprivileged people know what to do but can't move forward. There is a lot of talent that is yet to be unleashed, and he wants to help out with unleashing these entrepreneurs and let them sail through the World. There is no selfish motive behind whatever he does; the only goal he has set for himself is to help the nation grow. He knows that for the nation to grow, one must help others and lift their weights. So if you are under any doubt, remember that you have to walk forward, and he will always be there to guide you.


How does unleashing the talent work, and what role does he play?

One may receive Narendra Kumar's guidance in various ways to grow their business. A few of them are:


The first thing folks need to start their business is currency. Ideas will always remain a dream for people who can't afford to work on their goals. With the help of Narendra Kumar, these situations may not be the area one might need to worry about. Street vendors or small business people all are welcome by him. His financial assistance measures have helped many young entrepreneurs establish their small business ventures all over India. His Aatmnirbhar Sena is promoting young and blooming entrepreneurs.



Another problem that many people face is what to do next. They are often confused about how their talent or idea should be used. Narendra Kumar has helped many young enthusiasts set up their businesses; he has always been known for his leadership qualities and being a great mentor. He would help in finding out what you really need to work upon and how your ideas would come into existence.


The Final Words

There are a heap of hurdles that one has to cross while preparing for their journey in the market, and Narendra Kumar is well known for being the major support during these times. Walking along with you and counting every step till you succeed is what he does. There is no doubt that he is not only a promising business tycoon but also a responsible social activist.

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