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Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO of Appriffy, Indian Software Developers will write the Technology History.

Updated on: 01 September,2021 04:21 PM IST  |  Mumbai
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We have with us Mr Muzafar Hussain, the Founder of Appriffy, India’s leading digital marketplace where businesses can remotely hire expert software developers for their technology requirements from the assured Indian Market.

Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO of Appriffy, Indian Software Developers will write the Technology History.

Muzafar Hussain, Founder & CEO of Appriffy.

We want to tell you the phenomenal success story of this dynamic entrepreneur, which is truly an inspiration for budding entrepreneurs all across India and worldwide.

Hello and welcome to our Digital Platform, Mr Hussain. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Well, first of all, thank you so much for featuring me in your prestigious publication. I come from a small town called Berhampur in Odisha. From the age of 20, I was passionate about wanting to do something on my own in the field of Information Technology and had the vision to contribute towards solving the problem of unemployment in our country. I wanted to be an employment generator, instead of just an employment seeker.

Why did you choose this niche sector of helping companies meet their complex digital transformation requirements?

As you know, the pandemic has repositioned the way we all communicate, work, shop and entertain. This has led to companies across all sectors going in for a massive digital transformation drive to successfully meet the changed habits of their customers so that they remain competitive in the changed scenario. Mobile applications are at the core of this digital transformation revolution. Right from buying groceries to taking a loan to online learning and even consulting a doctor, mobile apps are now driving businesses of these and more sectors. Being continuously technology updated for staying ahead of the profitability curve is the biggest challenge of traditional businesses who have taken the route of mobile applications to acquire, service and retain their digital customers. I identified that having an in-house technical team for any product development endeavour of businesses is neither feasible nor practical at the initial level. I identified a growing market for remote developer hiring and this was my core thought behind starting Appriffy.

Appriffy Team

That’s a really interesting insight. Please tell our readers more about Appriffy.

Appriffy is based out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India and it currently engages with two interconnected business models:

1.Appriffy-Digital IT Hub.

2.Appriffy Labs.

Appriffy-Digital IT Hub: is a marketplace to get pre-vetted and quality software developers from the assured Indian market.

Appriffy Labs: India’s Fastest Growing Startup Studio and a concept of Part-Cash and Part-Equity Format.

The “App” in Appriffy refers to the “app” or application, anything which can be done through the power of App i,e. At Appriffy, individuals, startups and businesses of all scales can hire pre-screened remote software developers for building and managing their own world-class tech products. If I were to put it this way, businesses can conveniently find and hire developers, who are selected by us after a stringent and industry-best three-step recruitment process, as per their needs from our developer discovery platform. Along with generating employment, Appriffy is also significantly contributing towards tremendous cost saving of our clients and considerably improving their bottom line. We are playing a leading role in enabling startups across all businesses to successfully realise their dream. In simple terms, as we shop for anything on e-commerce portals, businesses of all scales can now shop online for developers as per their specific requirement and budget, from the Appriffy developers marketplace called. Digital IT Hub serves startups and businesses in sectors such as Hospitality, Travel, Banking, Finance, Insurance, E-commerce, Healthcare, Automotive, Retail, Blockchain and more. I’d like to state one very important thing here, that we offer complete IP protection to startups with a proper legally enforceable NDA between the developers and the startup which is hiring them.

What is it about Appriffy that makes it stand apart from other players in the field, and why should clients choose you over them?

The single most thing that sets us apart from the others, is our stringent and scientific three-step developer recruitment process. When we receive the developer’s profile, the first step is that they are asked to take the AI-based Code-Assessment Test. If the developers clear the Online Assessment test, experts from our experienced tech team interview the developer. Once the candidate clears both the steps, they are introduced to the client Interview rounds followed by the HR team from both sides. Only after the client green lights the candidate, Appriffy proceeds to the third step and releases the Offer Letter to the candidate after the proper background verification of the candidates. Under the Appriffy umbrella, we add value to people and their products by offering innovative Developers in the Technology stack like UI/UX Designer & Developers, Android Developers, iOS Developers, PHP Developers, .NET Developers, Chatbot Developers, Python Developers, React Native Developers, React JS Developers, Angular JS Developers, Node JS Developers, Game Developers, AI Developers, ML Developers, Blockchain Developers, Web Developers, ERP Developers, IOT Developers, Java Developers, RPA Developers and JavaScript Developers, etc.

I must say your vision for Appriffy-Digital IT Hub is truly impressive. Can you now share with our readers what Appriffy Labs is all about?

I like to refer to Appriffy Labs as India’s Fastest Growing Startup Studio, and a startup that helps build other startups. At Appriffy Labs, we work with early-stage startups and mid-stage companies in conceptualising and implementing their creative strategy, work process and business culture. Startups who are in the process of building complex web and app applications for powering their digital businesses across verticals like e-commerce, online learning, fintech services and more, cannot afford to hire full-time and in-house developers. This is where Appriffy Labs steps in and helps these startups by giving them expert developers from our marketplace for developing world-class tech products. Our unique proposition is that we work with these small startups on a Part-Cash & Part-Equity model, where they have to pay a reasonable amount up-front and give us a mutually acceptable equity stake in their company. This startup-friendly model of Appriffy Labs is a game-changer in the startup technology development ecosystem. Through this model, we have taken a sizeable stake in few major startups. Our primary objective is to handhold startup entrepreneurs with their initial business deals. Being an entrepreneur who created their digital business dream from scratch, I can easily identify with the dream and passion of other entrepreneurs wanting to succeed in their ventures. My mission is to ensure that these budding new age Entrepreneurs make fewer mistakes, as my team is here to guide them on the path to success.

It would be great if you can share some of your notable achievements with our readers?

Appriffy has several achievements to its credit. We were selected by the Government of India and IIM Kolkata Innovation Park under Smart Fifty Solutions for India. We are duly recognised by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, Government of India, and by the Government of Karnataka as an Innovative Technical Provider. We have also been selected as one of the Seventy Five Tech Startups in an event organised by the Government of India and Goa, in collaboration with the Government of Armenia and many more.

I’m sure our readers would also like to know about your future plans.

Yes, we have lined up ambitious plans for future growth and all our efforts are taking us in that direction. As of now, we have more than 1000+ expert pre-vetted developers in our marketplace and this figure is slated to grow exponentially in the coming months. Appriffy is also planning to acquire and merge with one startup in the Data Analytics domain. We are on our way to becoming a global marketplace for Remote Indian Software Developers. A brand that can be trusted by global companies.

To conclude, Appriffy makes it easy for businesses to remotely hire expert developers as per their requirements, which translates into huge savings for them. Appriffy-Digital IT Hub is an evolving talent pool of effective and efficient developers who will ensure that your business is always technically sound. If you’re an organisation or business looking to hire the best remote software developers at your rate from the Indian Market, you can connect with Appriffy and write to them at


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