Bombay Adda

  • Leopold Cafe & Bar, Colaba

    The weathered walls of Colaba Causeway’s Leopold Cafe and Bar bears testimony to this city’s history. It has provided grub, including its famous chicken roast and chilli chicken (with real chillis, not capsicum) to patrons for a solid 148 years, ensuring they have a good time as soon as they get a seat after an agonising wait.
  • The Ghetto, Mahalaxmi

    This Breach Candy watering hole is a dark place bathed in neon with a packed pool table in a time when you thought hitting balls with a stick was passe. It has attained legendary status over the years so that even if you live in the suburbs, chances are, you’ve been here at least once.
  • Amar Juice Centre & Fast Food, Juhu

    The party crowd, students and families throng this popular stall for snacks and juices till the wee hours. If there was one place that epitomises the Mumbai-never-sleeps adage, it is this.
  • Candies, Bandra

    Collegians swear by it. Couples love it. And families have become regulars. Their to-go bakes are delectable, their cheese-chicken lollipops our favourite birthday party snack and their lemonade, life-saving on a sweltering summer day. And, no one cares about a table when you can pack your grub and get going.WINNER
  • Janata Bar & Restaurant, Bandra

    Janata is a Bandra institution. It’s where people say cheers with strangers because a free table is never easy to come by. And in no time, over cheap beer and prawns koliwada, you make new acquaintances, who might even become friends some day.
  • Gokul, Colaba

    The epitome of a dive bar, Gokul remains etched in the hearts of Bombaywallahs as the place to guzzle Patiala pegs at dirt cheap rates. The city may offer myriad swish cocktail bars, but who can match the allure of a dim watering hole where the chakli-in-a-packet with ‘shezwan’ sauce and malai chicken roll are as popular as beer from a crate?


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