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Mid-day's Guide team visits Mezcalita, a new Mexican restaurant in Churchgate

Mid-day's Guide team visits Mezcalita, a new Mexican restaurant in Churchgate #Mezcalita #mexicanrestaurant #food. No one knows Mumbai better than us. #madeinmumbai

13 March,2023 03:16 PM IST | Mumbai

Midday Lunchbox with Ankita Fernandes and Freny Fernandes

Restaurateur Ankita Fernandes and pastry chef Freny Fernandes run two of Bandra's hottest spots. Just in time for Christmas, they bond over what's cooking this season and talk shop about why family matters in their mix.

16 December,2022 12:52 PM IST | Mumbai

Indulge in 20 different flavours at Mid-day's 'Grand Pani Puri Fiesta'

Bring out the pani puri lover inside you at Midday’s ‘The Grand Pani-Puri Fiesta’. The festival is held from November 19 to November 21 between 4:00 to 10:00 pm.

20 November,2021 11:27 PM IST | Mumbai

Sarah Todd's expert tips for a delicious dish

As she launches her book In My Indian Kitchen, Sarah Todd shared expert tips for a delicious dish exclusively for Mid-Day readers. In her latest book, Sarah has combined her passion for Indian flavours with classical French techniques and created light, balanced and healthy dishes. Watch this video to find out more.

06 March,2021 12:00 AM IST | Mumbai

Chef Moshe Shek returns to Mumbai with Café Knead

Seven years ago, Chef Moshe Shek sold his share of the popular Moshe outlets in Mumbai and went off to Alibaug to run a cooking studio.

17 February,2021 12:00 AM IST | Mumbai

Long Live Mid-Day: Nutritionist Suman Agarwal on Mumbai's famous street food

Nutritionist Suman Agarwal talks about her love for Mumbai's famous street food. She also praises Mid-Day's coverage of the city. Watch this video for more.

02 February,2021 12:00 AM IST | Mumbai

Traditional Portuguese Letria recipe by 90-year-old Mumbaikar

90-year-old Mumbai resident Agnes Norona, recalls her younger days, celebrating Christmas at home. Agnes shares a rich Christmas pudding recipe that has been passed down through generations in her family. Hailing from a family of Portuguese descent, Agnes shows Mid-Day's viewers how to prepare Letria pudding which is a Christmas special. Watch this video to find out more.

23 December,2020 12:00 AM IST | Mumbai

Watch video: Chef Ranveer Brar shares his unique recipes at a new Mumbai eatery

FLYP at MTV came all the way from Delhi to Mumbai and opened its doors at Kamala Mills in Lower Parel. The quirky eatery offers some of the rarest dishes curated by popular chef Ranveer Brar. The food is tempting to look at, delicious to eat and generous on portions. The quirky set up of FLYP speckled with comfortable wooden chairs, well-stocked bar, a stage for musical performances and colourful walls will blow you away anytime. Watch the video to know more about FLYP.

27 October,2017 05:57 PM IST

The Ice-cream burger has arrived in Mumbai!

The Rolling Pin in Mumbai has come up with the Dessert Burger that is entirely made out of chocolate and an ice cream patty! Watch this video to know more

05 November,2017 09:24 AM IST

Meet the creator of the world's most Expensive Pizza!

Watch this exclusive interview with Chef Renato – Credited for making the most expensive pizza in the world!

05 November,2017 09:19 AM IST

This Mumbai themed restaurant will blow your mind!

Hungry Jd’s is the latest addition to the food scene in Mumbai and the best part is that its theme screams 'Amchi Mumbai'! Watch this video to know more

06 December,2017 12:00 PM IST
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