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  • 'A Flying Jatt' - Movie Review

    'A Flying Jatt' - Movie Review

    This film is basically an attempt at big-screen entertainment aimed purely at kids. This is, as you know, a super-hero movie -- a comical one with an environmental message. And one can, somewhat, sense a franchise developing around the character

  • 'Mechanic: Resurrection' - Movie Review

    'Mechanic: Resurrection' - Movie Review

    There's obviously little in 'Mechanic: Resurrection' that could be classified as unique or interesting. Yes, Jason Statham has his trademark action moments – unfortunately they are no longer surprising!

  • 'Nine Lives' - Movie review

    'Nine Lives' - Movie review

    Director Barry ('Addams Family', 'Men in Black') Sonnenfeld appears to have lost that rapier wit down the line and is now clutching at claws, so-to-speak. And it's not a very heartening sight

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Malavika’s Mumbai

Dr. Love

'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

'I want to date my best friend, but he's not ready'

I really like someone a lot. He is my best friend. I have told him how I feel and I know he likes me too, but he has had some problems with relationships in the past, which is why he says he isn't ready to accept my love...

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You will be in a very helpful mood, and shall go out of your way to resolve difficulties that others may be stuck in today.Read More



Do all your tasks with positivity and energy. Don't get disappointed, if you don't get immediate results. They shall definitely come in their own time.Read More



Atmosphere at home may be far from hunky dory. Demands of your loved ones are likely to increase, entailing extra expenses, which may irritate youRead More



Expect steady progress on the personal and professional fronts. In your job, you will enjoy full confidence of your boss. Spend the evening relaxing.Read More



Today, your business acumen shall be very sharp. The moment you see a profitable opportunity, you will seize it without thinking twice.Read More



Your creative talents shall come to the fore today. The best part is that you will get ample opportunity in your profession to exploit them.Read More



You may face some niggling health problems. Remember, prevention is better than cure. A health check-up can nip some imminent problems in the bud.Read More



Delve deep within to gain a better understanding of yourself and the circumstances you are in today. Your leadership qualities will come to the fore.Read More



Today, your sincerity and dedication towards work shall be recognised by your superiors. But, you may have to wait patiently for the rewards.Read More



No matter how much din surrounds you today, you will be oblivious to it – such would be your concentration. Naturally, you shall gain all-round appreciationRead More



You will prove your mettle by conquering all difficulties. Your magnetic personality shall attract the adulation and attention of everyone today.Read More



Foreign travel is very much on the cards. An old friend settled abroad may get in touch with you and persuade you to come over.Read More