Arjun Rampal's way or the highway?

Every Bollywood star has his or her own quirks. And most of them are willing to go all lengths to have things their way.

Arjun Rampal

A while back, Arjun Rampal had purchased several fitness equipments for his personal use that he had placed inside the gym in his apartment complex. After other residents started using those equipments at the same time when Arjun came to the gym, the actor was left quite miffed. 

Sources say that Arjun’s grouse was that his privacy was being disturbed.

An informer tells us, “Arjun had politely told the other residents that he did not like to be disturbed while he was working out. But since the gym is a common area, his words were not heeded to.”

In fact Arjun apparently even issued an ultimatum to other residents not to come to the gym when he was there. And when they didn’t listen, Arjun promptly removed all the fitness equipments from the gym.

The actor remained unavailable for comment.  

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