Bars and cab services join hands in Delhi for 'Don't Drink and Drive Day'

Aug 07, 2014, 07:24 IST | Agencies

Delhi: Over a 1,000 bars and pubs with cab service providers of Delhi joined hands to observe the national ‘Don’t Drink and Drive Day’ on Wednesday.

The bars doled out discounts to groups with designated drivers and also booked cabs for patrons in high spirits to promote awareness against drunken driving.

“It is important to observe a special day. Over 1,000 bars, pubs and cab service providers will join us,” said Prince Singhal, founder of organising NGO Community Against Drunken Driving (CADD), adding that August 6 has been observed as ‘Don't Drink and Drive Day’ since 2005. Several bars and pubs provided complimentary non-alcoholic beverages to all customers, and would assist the guests with cabs.

“They will also promote the day though social media,” he said. “In the last decade, over a million people have been killed in road accidents and over five million seriously injured or permanently disabled in India. Moreover, 70 per cent of these deaths are due to drunken driving,” Singhal said.

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