'She says she loves me, but still meets other suitors'

Oct 16, 2017, 08:07 IST | Dr Love

I have been dating a girl for over three years now. She says she loves me and wants to marry me, but she is also always ready to meet anyone her parents ask her to meet, because they don't know about me. She says she needs time to introduce me to her parents, because we come from different religious backgrounds, but I think she is just stalling and using me until she finds someone she likes. If she wants to marry me, why does she need to meet potential suitors? If she is okay with an arranged marriage just to please her parents, why is she with me? I ask her these questions often, but she simply starts weeping and so I end up leaving her alone, but it's been three years now, and I think I have been patient enough. What should I do?

'She says she loves me, but still meets other suitors'

You have to take a call on how long you are willing to wait, irrespective of whether she chooses to answer your questions or not. If she refuses to let you meet her parents, that is a concern, given that she says she intends to marry you. As for meeting prospective suitors, that doesn't make sense either, if she says she isn't really interested in anyone else. I think you should simply sit her down and tell her what you have in mind and when you would like to make things official, if that is your intention. Also tell her how long you are prepared to wait, until you decide to put this behind you and move on. Weeping is not an adult response to questions that make a difference to your future as well as hers, so tell her why that won't work much longer.

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You can start by speaking to a doctor or sex therapist. I think you have the wrong columnist.

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