23 hours later, crane removed from building

Sep 08, 2011, 08:25 IST | Maleeva Rebello

After a crane collapsed on a three-storeyed building near Currey Road station damaging a home and going through the roof of another on Wednesday, workers finally retrieved the crane after 23 hours.

The crane was pulled out of a roof of a home in 55 New Haji Chawl yesterday. An operator, who was part of the salvage operation, said, "Crane collapses often happen, so we are used to lifting big cranes but what made it difficult for us was that this one had gone through homes."

Heave ho! Two other cranes were brought to the site to pull out the
crane that went through the roof. Workers said that the retrieval of the
crane took longer as it had fallen through a roof.
Pic/Datta kumbhar

The salvage operation was completed at 3.30 pm. Meanwhile, MNS MLA Bala Nandgaonkar shifted residents of the building to Triveni Sangam Municipal School. Nandgaonkar said that he had spoken to the builder and that he had agreed to pay the families of the injured a compensation, which was to be decided. Additionally, the builder would also pay the rent and medical bills of the family. 

Meanwhile, all those hurt in the freak accident were shifted to Bombay Hospital. Vilas (34) and 19-year-old Laukik Lad were discharged at 11.30 am by the orthopaedic department as they suffered minor injuries.

However, sexagenarian Krishnakant and Bharti Pujare (28) were still in hospital as glass shards were embedded in their head. Danushree, Krishnakant's daughter, said, "My sister Bharti has a mental illness and is always at home. When the incident occurred, the cabinet with the television fell on her and on my father." The Pujare couple is also still in hospital owing to back injuries.

Meanwhile, the principal contractor of Simplex, who was in-charge of the construction work, was present at the hospital ensuring the injured were being taken of. The injured also gave their statement to officials from
the collector's office, which will be submitted to Mantralaya. An official said, "After this report the state
government will decide the compensation and what needs to be done next."

Builder speaks
The builder Kailash Agarwal said, "Fifty-four tenants have moved back into the building and those residing in the six apartments that were damaged owing to the accident will be given rent money.  I am paying the hospital bills of the injured."

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