How Salman, SRK avoided airport rendezvous

Salman booked himself on a later flight back from Dubai to avoid being seen anywhere near Shah Rukh who was also returning from the desert Emirate

Salman and Shah Rukh Khan appear to be in the mood to carry over their enmity into the New Year as well. Both the stars celebrated New Year's Eve in Dubai but when it was time for them to return to India, Sallu made sure their paths did not cross.

Shah Rukh Khan at the Mumbai airport

To avoid what could have been an uncomfortable situation for both, the actors arrived in the city separately, two and half-hours apart, much to the disappointment of the shutterbugs waiting at the Mumbai airport.

Says a source, "All the photographers were waiting, expecting both the actors to land together, considering they were coming from Dubai.
However, they were all very surprised when Shah Rukh landed around 1.30 am and Salman post 3.30 am. SRK was with his family and Karan Johar and Salman was with Salim Khan, Helen, Malaika, Arbaaz and Arpita."

They weren't the only Bollywood folk who were arriving from Dubai that morning. Arjun Rampal and Chunkey Pandey's families were back too, but they came in a little before SRK.

Salman Khan at the airport

The source goes on to add, "There were many flights to Mumbai that night and Salman was intimated that there would be a lot of media presence."

So he chose to come post everyone else to avoid any confusion." This comes close on the heels of the recent report of SRK missing his flight to Patna on purpose after learning that Salman was on the plane as well.

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