'I cannot forget the girl I loved...'

Dear Diana,
I was deeply in love with this girl three years ago. We were serious about each other. We spoke about marriage and a future together. She, however, suddenly started acting strange when I spoke about marriage. We then had a huge spat and parted ways. I have not been in touch with her ever since. I have no clue where she is. I heard that she had left Mumbai and gone off to Chennai. But I never bothered to find out as I wanted her to be my past. My parents are now telling me to get married, but I cannot relate to any other girl like the way I did with her. I don't know why I still have some feelings for her. I cannot forget her even after three years have passed. She blasted me before I broke off with her. I really do not know what to do.
— Bharat

Dear Bharat,
You appear to be still in love with this girl. Considering the way she treated you and gave you a piece of her mind before going her way, you should have shut her out of your life long back. The fact that you still pine for her is because you keep thinking about her. At the same time, you did not want to know where she was. So stop mulling about the past and move on. She might be married or relocated somewhere else. The girl has moved on and so should you. Listen to your parents and begin anew. There are many out there who find love again after a failed relationship. So give love a second chance.

Diana will solve it!
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