Kabir Khan's fitting reply to Karachi airport incident

Kabir Khan, who was in Karachi to attend a marketing seminar, had to face angry protesters at Karachi airport yesterday. The 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' (2015) and 'Phantom' (2015) filmmaker was surrounded by a group of people who shouted anti-India and pro-Pakistan slogans. (Watch video here)

Kabir Khan being heckled at Karachi airport
Kabir Khan being heckled at Karachi airport

He was also asked why he did not make films about the Indian intelligence activities in Pakistan. A shoe-wielding protester even chased Khan to the departure lounge warning the director about Indian conspiracies against Pakistan army.

Kabir later tweeted, “To media on both sides: 12 screaming lunatics with a mobile phone camera is not news. Please don't give them the attention they want. Ignore.”

  • Sanjay29-Apr-2016

    This Kabir Khan is sympathetic towards Pakistan, a rogue nation! I am happy this happened to him. They should have slapped him with those slippers as well!

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