Make-up mantras for the summer

It’s not just your wardrobe that needs a change to keep up with times but your make-up routine too.

“This season it’s all about being natural and playing with light. No need to pile on the foundation, just use a CC cream and let your skin show, even the little imperfections. Use your fingers to apply product to make it look natural,” advises Mickey Contractor, Director of Makeup Artistry, MAC India. He also says that Indian women love kajal, but this season, skip the kajal and pile on the mascara and false eyelashes instead.

The look of the product on your face should be humid, with a natural-looking moisture. And, instead of neons, try honey colours, natural blushes, peaches and oranges.

Cut down on smoky eye and other perfection make-up techniques such as contouring and aim for a no fuss look.
Watch the video where Contractor tells you how to achieve a great day look and Sonic Sarwate, Senior Artist, MAC India shows how to add to your day make-up and create a trendy night look. Video: Milind Salvi

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