Milon's magical brush

Artist Milon Mukherjee is known for his figurative style of painting. The veteran artist's latest display of paintings titled Music Makers is now showing at Cymroza Gallery, Breach Candy. CS spoke to him to know more about the exhibition:

Life is beautiful
The inspiration for these paintings came way back in 1993. The Mumbai riots had just got over, and the atmosphere was filled with fear and mistrust. I was standing at a platform on Bandra station, and saw people simply staring at one another. It seemed like everyone was bothered about only one thing -- what religion the person next to him was.

A few minutes later, I saw a group of people, adults and kids, coming from the east side of platform No 5 crossing the tracks. They climbed onto the platform and assembled at one place. Then, they took out their musical instruments and started playing in full gusto. In a few seconds, everyone gathered around them and began enjoying the music. The atmosphere was transformed in a matter of minutes. People started living once again. That incident inspired me to start work on the Music Makers series. 

Age no bar
I don't consider age as a hindrance. For me, it is a fictitious word (laughs out loud). Artists have a level of involvement that beats physical inconvenience any day. I paint daily and make sketches now and then. I want my art to be enjoyed by even an ordinary layman, so you won't see anything too esoteric. I love colours and bold strokes in my works. I have been very lucky to have great artists like MF Hussain as my contemporaries. He was a great inspiration. I also love Samir Mondal's works in watercolours. In the younger lot, Jagannath Paul and Dipankar Sankrityayan are
very good. 

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