Mumbai: Unemployed man kills wife with hammer, then hangs himself

Jun 30, 2016, 12:35 IST | Shiva Devnath

A 40-year-old unemployed man killed his wife and committed suicide in Powai on Tuesday night.

Police said the accused, Suresh Bije, a former watchman, hit his wife Priti on her head with a hammer, then cut both her wrists, before hanging himself from the ceiling fan.

The officials from Powai police station said the incident occurred at 8.45pm at the house of the Bijes, in Adivasi pada in Powai.

They said they received a call shortly after, from the relatives of Bije informing them about the incident.

The relatives told the police that Suresh was unemployed and since Priti was unable to conceive, he was frustrated for the past few months.

The couple often fought on the topic which led to violence.

Cop speak
Police said on Tuesday night too the couple had a fight, after which Suresh picked up a hammer, and hit Priti several times on her head. He then cut her wrists to ensure that she was dead.

They said fearing arrest Suresh then hung himself from the ceiling fan.

“Suresh’s parents and four siblings stay nearby, and arrived at their house hearing the commotion and found the two bodies. We have registered a case of murder against Suresh and of accidental death,” said a police officer from Powai police station.

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