Q. I think my girlfriend reads my emails when I leave my computer unlocked. I find this disturbing, but there’s no way of proving it. Should I just ask her?
A. What makes you think she’s reading your email? Are you worried about the contents of your inbox? Why are you worried about it? Does your girlfriend not trust you or is she just curious? Have you tried simply asking her if she reads your email? Have you considered simply logging out or activating a screen lock?

Q. I will be married in six months and am afraid of what will happen. Will it really change my life dramatically?
A. If you are already living with someone you aren’t related to, and having an intimate relationship with this person and his or her family members, things won’t change much at all. If you haven’t, however, your life will never be the same again. Everything from your living, eating and sleeping habits to your social life, personal life and family life will change dramatically, overnight. Do keep in mind that your partner and you will both have different expectations from this marriage, adjusting to which will change both your lives too. There’s nothing to be afraid of though, simply because a few billion people have gone through these changes before you and came out relatively unscathed. It’s amazing what a little slip of paper can do, isn’t it?

Q. I’m pretty sure my boyfriend lies a lot, but I’m curious to know what most men usually lie about.
A. In my limited experience on this planet, I have found that men have the tendency to lie about anything and everything. As do women, actually. It must be a human thing. Some of the things he is probably lying to you about quite regularly involve staring at another woman, agreeing to take dance lessons, or promising to fix something that’s broken. And yes, when he says he is “just being honest”, chances are he is being anything but.