Newbie Mansha Behl in Kabir Sadanand's next film

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When 22-year-old Mansha Behl stepped out on a shopping jaunt recently on the streets of Delhi, little did she imagine landing a role in Kabir Sadanand’s upcoming film. The director also happened to be in the capital at the same time and upon spotting Mansha approached her for his next.

Mansha Behl
Mansha Behl

A source close to the Akshay Kumar-Ashwini Yardi production says, “Kabir was in Delhi to scout the locations for his film when he spotted her. She was arguing with a shop-owner and lost her cool when Kabir approached her, thinking he was trying to flirt.”

Kabir Sadanand
Kabir Sadanand

It was only after the director made her look him up on the Internet that she decided to consider his offer. Says Kabir, “The first thing I did after seeing her was to ask for her number. Her scathing look made me take two steps behind. She finally realised who I was.” 

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