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Vikalp's inspired line-up of four animated shorts takes viewers into the enchanted world of film making with its formats and storylines

It's a common mistake to assume that all animated films have kid-centric themes. But the latest offering of four animated shorts by Vikalp, Tricks And Treats is a different ballgame altogether. "We always showcase independent films through Vikalp. These are films that attempt to look at individual voices. We have selected these four shorts as they have used different methods of animation. Through these films we wish to throw light on this form of filmmaking. Each differs in its presentation, content and issue," explains documentary filmmaker Paromita Vohra, who is a part of Vikalp.

A still from Kunal Rawat's Prince

The shorts that will be screened are Pdingpdoong by Krishna Chandran A Nair, Manasi Parikh, Nupur Mukherjee and Chewang Lepcha, Prince by Kurnal Rawat and Anand Tharaney, Baat Wahi Hai/ It's the Same Story by Nina Sabnani and Journey to Nagaland by Aditi Chitre. While Pdingpdoong is a clay animation short about the lives of mischievous conjoined schoolboys and the different life that they lead, Baat Vahi Hai is a short where two storytellers argue about their version of a story on Shravan Kumar through a mix of live action and animation.

Another interesting form of animation that can be seen is the stop motion technique in the film Prince. The film is about the quintessential black and yellow taxi in the city, of it being a cultural icon and various dreams and ambitions of the city that are attached to it. Journey to Nagaland, the fourth short is an insightful take about a girl who is haunted by a women in a red shawl. The film incorporates ancient folk songs, practices and beliefs of the Ao Naga tribe (from North East India), which are in practice till today.

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