Ouch! Man 'strangles' his penis by putting on his wedding ring

An unnamed man in South Africa became 'famous' after he 'strangled' his penis by his wedding ring. According to reports, the 28-year-old man says he placed the ring on his genitals for 'erotic reasons on the recommendation of his friends' after his wife recently gave birth.

He was then taken to hospital.

"The penis was erect and blue and the patient was in severe pain," a case report in The South African Medical Journal noted. It wasn't easy for doctors to remove the ring due to the ring's width and because the penis had become excessively swollen.

According to the report, the wedding ring got stuck and caused the patient's penis to swell — doctors even tried using a small surgical saw to remove it. The doctors even decided to instead use an injection to drain blood from the penis, which did the trick. The swelling went down, allowing them to pull the wedding ring off.

After failed attempts with a saw (it got too close to the sex organ), doctors made multiple punctures with a syringe to decrease swelling.

Eventually, the man was sent home with pain killers and antibiotics. The man has since made a full recovery, but his story has gone viral with many netizens crzking jokes on it.