Minister of State for External Affairs, VK Singh, has opened a whole new can of worms by asking the government to rename Akbar Road as Maharana Pratap Road. Ever since, celebs as well as the common man have reacted with varied views.

Here’s what VK Singh said in a letter to Venkaiah Naidu: “I do find that one historical personality that has motivated generations, Maharana Pratap, has not been given his due. You would be aware that he was not only instrumental in stopping the might of Mughal king Akbar but he was truly secular and a man of masses. In view of this, I would request you to honour this great son of India by naming the Akbar Road as Maharana Pratap Road or a suitably important road in the Lutyen Zone in his name. This would provide recognition to his valour and spirit of secularism which makes our country great.”

'That is the job of the Municipal Corporation,' says Congress in response: "If they have the penchant of renaming roads, why do they get elected to Parliament?", Congress Party spokesman Manish Tewari asked. Tewari reminded the BJP leaders like Singh that renaming roads "is the job of the Municipal Corporation." "Why they get elected to Parliament, why are they running the Central Government? That is the job of the Municipal Corporation. They should have got elected to the Municipal Corporation."

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