Pune: Monster mom killed son to hide affair with landlord

It has been revealed that Rakhi Balpande (36), who beat her partially-disabled son, Chaitanya, to death with a cricket bat, wished to keep her affair with her landlord, Sumit More a secret.

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Chaitanya Balpade
Chaitanya Balpade 

More, say Vishrantwadi police with whom a case has been registered, was also party to the crime committed on August 5. According to preliminary reports, it was a planned murder.

When the mother realised that her son knew of her affair, fearing that she would be exposed, she thrashed him with help from More. Balpande, an admin officer with a multinational firm and her husband, Tarun are estranged.

Assistant commissioner of police (Khadki division), Swapna Gore, who is investigating the case, said, "On the basis of mobile phone records and testimonies of her next-door-neighbour and family members, we realised that for the past six months, Rakhi and More were in a relationship. Rakhi had filed for divorce and demanded maintenance for herself and her son."

She added, "On Wednesday, the two beat Chaitanya at around 7 pm before taking him to Sassoon General Hospital. Post-mortem reports suggest he may have been tortured for days."

The doctor who conducted the post-mortem said, "Death occurred due to blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen. There are multiple contusions over his body. His kidneys had failed and lungs were also damaged. We observed bleeding from his nose and mouth. An inch long wound was found near his head, and another of almost two inches near his ears.

There are multiple injuries on his shoulders and abdomen. There are chances that the boy might have been kicked repeatedly. We have preserved the viscera for analysis."

On Friday, Rakhi was produced before the judicial magistrate and remanded to police custody till August 10. On Saturday, police arrested More as co-accused. He has been remanded to police custody till August 12.



  • XyzAbc15-Oct-2015

    What happened is disgusting

  • anand10-Aug-2015

    This lady Rakhi Balpande and her lover More should be hanged as the child was a minor and helpless when he was tortured. This case is as cruel as Rape and murder. To enjoy sexually with her illicit friend she killed a poor boy. She could have sent him to his father or Anathashram. Both must be hanged.

  • shanie09-Aug-2015

    Dont know how far this is True, but if it is so, this "mother" will never rest in peace thru out her life and even after her death !! She needs to check with people what kind of a pain it is to be CHILDLESS and she has murdered her own child who was partially disabled. the poor little one will rest in peace in the arms of the angels......heaven is the place where he lives now!

  • Kishan Mirajkar Rao10-Aug-2015

    How could they even think of killing a child..? That too her own child..? Such people don't deserve anything good in their life. That's very sad, just cant imagine how much toucher the child may have gone through. RPI Chaitanya..

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