Pune: Railway admin tightens security ahead of Diwali

Every festive season, the Railways experience a great rush in passengers, particularly on north India-bound routes. So, in preparation for the approaching Diwali and Chhat vacations, the Inspector General of the Railway Protection Force (RPF) has issued a notice to the Pune railway division to provide adequate security on trains leaving Pune railway station every day.

Accordingly, the Pune RPF will be providing eight personnel, including seven constables and one police sub-inspector on several trains, such as Azad Hind, Pune-Patna, Pune-Lucknow, Jhelum and Pune-Gorakhpur. The eight RPF staffers will also be joined by two more from the Government Railway Police (GRP).

Each train will have a team of ten on it until Pune division, which will then be further divided into four sub-teams, each keeping watch on six coaches. “Each train has 24 coaches which is why we will divide the 10 staffers into four teams and each team will be given six coaches where they will keep a tab on any suspicious activity, check baggage and avert any untoward incidents. This will be done on all three routes - Lonavla, Miraj and Daund,” said Ashok Rai, divisional security commissioner.

“Apart from that, we will also provide additional staff at the luggage scanning centre and at the biometrics centre at the railway reservation counters, to ensure that everything is streamlined,” he added.

Extra coaches
The number of passengers can increase during festivals, and so, to avoid long waiting lists for reservations, the railway administration has decided to add extra coaches on certain routes. Y K Singh, public relations officer for the railway division, said, “During festive seasons, the number of passengers increases by 10 per cent, and so we decided to add extra coaches to clear the extra rush, however it was a last moment decision.”

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