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As Sunny Leone greets you with a perfect namaste, you're instantly taken by her beauty, warmth and grace. The Indo-Canadian adult model who is in India to participate in Bigg Boss, says that she's thrilled to be in India and wants to learn how to speak Hindi and cook chicken tikka masala. She shares her Indian connection with CS:

Who: Adult model Sunny Leone
What: Talking about her India connection
Where: At a suburban hotel

India calling
This is my first trip to Mumbai, and I want to soak in the sights of this city. My flight landed late Thursday night so I couldn't see anything, but the next morning when I opened the blinds of my hotel room and saw the sea, I was completely bowled over by it. I would have loved to sit in a rickshaw and go shopping or eat panipuri from the roadside vendors, but there's no time for it. While I am in India, I want to perfect my Hindi and learn to cook dishes like maa ki dal and chicken tikka masala. And I want to learn how to make perfectly round rotis. 

Picture abhi baki hai 
Of course, India is still a very traditional nation, especially its smaller cities. Something like adult entertainment will take a long time to gain ground in India, maybe even 50 years. But we are seeing Indian movies getting bolder and bolder. Though some seem pretty harmless to me (laughs). Maybe my presence will help generate some awareness about adult entertainment in India. For a country that has one of the largest red light districts in the world, I don't think adult films/videos should be discarded or looked down upon as a form of entertainment.

My parents didn't have much idea about my ambitions until I told them that I had won the Penthouse Pet of the Year in 2003 and a hundred million dollars. It was a hell of a lot of money (laughs). Obviously, they were a little upset that I hadn't consulted them before. But at the end of the day, I was still their little daughter who came home for food or asked them for advice. I did face a lot of backlash from my community back home at the start of my career, but that changed after the Penthouse win.

Once again, I became a part of them, a part they were proud of! Sunny, the person is different from the porn star. I really believe in my roots and traditions because that's an inseparable part of my identity. As a child, I remember mom cooking Indian food from Monday to Friday. Saturday was an off-day and then again on Sunday, we would religiously go to the gurudwara and eat at the langar.

My parents never allowed me to wear short skirts or dresses, so I get pretty shocked when I see the outfits of Bollywood heroines getting skimpier by the day. I find Katrina Kaif very beautiful and I think that John Abraham is truly handsome. I would love to work in Bollywood if I get some interesting work. I love the idea of wearing a sari, a lot of jewellery, learning to dance and lip sync perfectly.



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