Three funny men in the Pune

Comedy night

They are funny, they know their jokes and are here to make sure you have a rollicking time. The Comedy Store is back in the city with three international comedians Louis Ramey (USA); Sean Collins (Canada) and Simon Bligh. We caught up with them before the big night and quizzed them on their skills and what's in store for Puneites. This is what they had to say...

He knows his audience:
Louis Ramey

How do you perfect your comic timing?
I started doing comedy at a Jazz club. All it takes is an audience, nothing more. If you can find a crowd that will listen to you, you have everything you need to become a good comic.

How do you meet the audience's expectations?
The audiences are the same every night, all they want is to laugh. The audience today looks you up on Youtube before the show, joins your Facebook page and checks you out on Twitter if they like you. Today's crowds know more about you before they even get to the club and they have already seen some of your material online. As a comic I find today you need to have more available media.

What do you bring to Pune?
A really really funny show

A fan's favourite: Sean Collins
How do you perfect your comic timing?

I think initially it's the stage that does it and also the different kinds of audiences you perform in front of. As you develop a style you are comfortable with, your audience will become fans that enjoy that particular style.

How do you meet the audience's expectations?
I try to set a high standard, the people or fans that have seen me on several occasions have the expectation that if I deliver new stuff it will be the same quality as proven material.

What do you bring to Pune?
20 years of experience

He loves Kabbadi: Simon Bligh
How do you perfect your comic timing?

All it takes is doing hundreds of gigs in proper comedy shows. You need a well set up show and an audience who have come to see comedy. I've done shows in night clubs which are often terrible. Comics get good by doing comedy.

How do you meet the audience's expectations?
A comic is only as good as his/her last gig. An audience expects and wants the comic to be funny. It's my job to do that.

What do you bring to Pune?
What Pune gets is an international show of great comedians. It's not just me. This time it's a Canadian, an American and a Brit. I bring high-energy physical comedy and my take on life in India, Bollywood movies, why I love Kabbadi, yoga gurus and of course, sex in India, today.

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