US: Pro-gun activist shot at by 4-year-old son

Florida: The four-year-old son of a pro-gun activist shot her in the back, after he found her pistol lying on the back seat of her truck.

Jamie Gilt. Pic/Facebook
Jamie Gilt. Pic/Facebook

Jamie Gilt (31) who posts about firearms on her social media accounts was driving through Putnam County, Jacksonville, Florida, on Tuesday in her truck when she was wounded after the toddler picked up the weapon and shot her in the back.

The incident occured just a day after Gilt wrote this on her Facebook page, ‘Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense’: ‘Even my 4 year old gets jacked up to target shoot with the .22’.

Gilt was on her way to pick up a horse when the shooting unfolded. Her four-year-old son picked up a loaded .45 semi-automatic gun from the back seat, pointed it towards his mother and pulled the trigger. The powerful round went through the front seat and passed through Gilt’s body.

Gilt flagged down a passing Sheriff’s deputy and told him that she had been shot. Before being transported to the emergency room, Gilt told deputies that her son had accidentally shot her.

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