Variety is the spice

Javed Jaffrey, who has tried his hand in dancing, acting, modeling, choreographing, hosting, etc has been successful in most of them. CS caught up with him for a quick chat:

Being on the bad side
I have played different roles throughout my film career. In Bollywood, you get easily stereotyped, but I have always worked for variety. I started my Bollywood career with Meri Jung, where I was the villain. Later on, I played the lead in Jajantaram Mamantaram. It’s good to be bad again in the upcoming Hrithik Roshan- Katrina Kaif starrer.

Appreciation matters
I feel humbled when people appreciate my work. I try to push the envelope with every film. I want a meaty part, it can be the hero, villain, comedian or even the hero’s friend. Given a chance, I would have loved to play Boman Irani’s character in 3 Idiots.

Master of all traits
I feel that I am very lucky to have done so many things. I want to utilise my creativity to the hilt. And whether it was dancing, voice-overs, acting, hosting, etc I have tried to deliver quality stuff.



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