Video: Family 'insults' national anthem, kicked out of Mumbai theatre

A video reportedly showing a family being forced to leave a Mumbai theatre for not standing up during the national anthem has gone viral on social media and also on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms.

The over two-minute video clip shows a bunch of theatre-goers gang up and crowd a man and his family during a film screening at PVR Cinema at Kurla's Phoenix Market City. The crowd accuses the man of disrespecting the national anthem by not standing up. The man, who initially says that he didn't want to stand later goes on to explain that he has a knee problem.

The family continues to try and defend themselves from the crowd, but it's to no avail.

The bitter verbal altercation leads to some theatre official asking the family to leave, following which the audience breaks out in applause and the screening is resumed.

A clip from the video

The viral video titled ‘Muslim family thrown out of the cinema hall’ sparked strong reactions on Twitter and Facebook with people divided over the issue.  

According to the police officials, the incident took place during the late night show at PVR Cinema at Phoenix Market City in Kurla, which falls under the jurisdiction of Ghatkopar police station.

The cops said that they had checked with the management of the multiplex who claimed that they had solved the matter internally after the family left the premises.

Senior Police Inspector Venkat Patil from Ghatkopar police station said, “The incident took place last week, but nothing was reported with the police station. But it’s surely nothing to do with any religion.”



  • Axl Oz01-Dec-2015

    So first off, why are they playing the national anthem in the theater? Secondly, this is the problem when we talk about intolerance. Everything is such a knee jerk reaction. People get so emotional about these things. The reason why the theater official got this guy removed is to save his theater from getting demolished by (again intolerant jerks) who would have thrown bottles, manhandled the officials and ransacked the place!!

  • dharmendra01-Dec-2015

    I am just thinking recently when France was bombed, WHY instead of fear, all citizens walked peacefully out of the stadium singing their national anthem hand in hand, WHY??? and on the other side forget singing they do not even want to stand in respect for the same country which gives them food, clothing and shelter including their ancestors and will still give their future genrations inspite of their selfish animatic behavior.

  • Holding02-Dec-2015

    apart from this incident, we have to stop playing national anthem in theatre... means before starting sunny leone movie or U/A or A certificate movie, we have to listen National anthem... this is very bad....! and last but not least... those guys have to check weather sitted guy is having knee injury or not...

  • Basrur02-Dec-2015

    Playing the national anthem before a movie is the most ridiculous thing started by some political party. With alll due respect to our national anthem, a cinema is NOT the place. Also there is no law which forces citizens to stand when the national anthem is being played. JAI HIND.

  • Hannah09-Jul-2017

    the national anthem is always played before the movie starts. at least in the 20 plus countries i've been in throughout the years. if you can't respect the anthem then stay at home. simple courtesy is lost these days especially in the US.

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