'We argue about which religion to raise our child in'

Oct 14, 2017, 06:02 IST | Dr Love

My wife and I have decided to adopt a child, but we belong to different religions and have different views on which religion this child must be raised in. How do we resolve this?
If you love someone, you find a way. If you and your wife could do this, why worry about what a child needs to do? Teach him or her to respect both your belief systems. Alternatively, allow the child to choose what he or she wishes to practice. None of us are born with religious beliefs. They are introduced to us when we are little. Instead, teach your child about things that matter - love, honesty, integrity, morals.

When do two people decide to take their relationship to the next level? I have been dating someone for three years now, and we get along really well. I think we love each other a lot, share likes and dislikes, enjoy spending time together, give each other space, get along with our friends and family members, and make a good couple.
We have never discussed anything more, but I think I would like to ask her to marry me. I'm afraid it's premature and she may be afraid, but that's a risk I simply have to take, because I won't know how she feels until I ask her. Is this a good idea? More importantly, is three years long enough, or should I wait for a few years more?
It seems to me as if the two of you already are at the next level, because you have reached a place of comfort and genuine affection. If you think it's premature, you should talk to her about it. The fact that you are both comfortable with each other implies that you will both know when you want to step things up. There is no deadline that couples have to follow. At the risk of shoving a cliché down your throat, I urge you to just follow your heart.

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