• The God of small things

    The God of small things

    What if you had the power to create a new world religion? What tenets and principles would you choose? These are some of the questions that debutant author Satyajit Nair explores in his e-book, The God in the Middle 

  • A walk to remember

    A walk to remember

    From the office romance that blossomed into 19 years of marriage to her teenage twins who keep her grounded, from honing her leadership skills to dreaming of opening a restaurant some day, Abanti Sankaranarayanan shares her life story with Phorum Dalal

  • Setting adrift

    Setting adrift

    Photojournalist Mayank Soni guides you through some of the remotest, most culturally-rich corners of the country through his company, Caribou Drift, which organises exploratory tours, photo walks and culinary trails 

  • Waiting until the cows come home

    Waiting until the cows come home

    One day, Rebecca Hui began stalking a cow. The day after, she followed another. In her exhibition, the Fulbright Scholar reveals the city’s urban issues through human-animal relationships, finds Kareena Gianani  

  • Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

    Twinkle Khanna: The shining star

    Twinkle Khanna likes to live life on her own terms. Bored of waiting on film sets for the next shot as an actor, she quit Bollywood after eight years and found her true passion in designing spaces and candles. She tells Fareeda Kanga about how she ditched greasepaint and gowns for cement dust and grime

  • Celluloid dreams

    Celluloid dreams

    Sahirr Sethhi, a Los Angeles-based filmmaker from Mumbai, who has worked in the technical team of Hollywood hits such as Life of Pi and the Mission Impossible series, has started a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for his upcoming short film California Dreaming

  • Tasneem Zakaria Mehta and the art of living

    Tasneem Zakaria Mehta and the art of living

    Director of the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Tasneem Zakaria Mehta tells Kareena Gianani about how art and heritage are as much a part of her personal life as professional

  • Roadies for a cause

    Roadies for a cause

    A group of London-based Indians is days away from commencing a road trip from the UK capital to Mumbai, to raise money and create awareness about child rights

  • Design for change

    Design for change

    Manish Mathur and Alok Kumar co-founded Prayas Innovation in the hope of addressing social challenges through innovative design. Their inaugural product Yelo, meant for school children in villages, is a waterproof bag that converts into a desk with an attached solar-powered lamp

  • Fearless Nadia

    Fearless Nadia

    A doting mother to two children, an avid reader and a horse rider, Joint MD and Chief Marketing Officer of Parle Agro, Nadia Chauhan Kurup talks about galloping to success at such an early age

  • The big Twaang theory

    The big Twaang theory

    Mobile music library Twaang recently crossed 1,00,000 subscribers. Anu Prabhakar speaks to co-founder Vishu Raned about the app and the team’s plan to make the otherwise inaccessible works of international musicians available to music aficionados late next month

  • The filter of small things

    The filter of small things

    What happens when some photojournalists across India ditch their swanky DSLRs for a while and capture everyday wonder through Instagram? In an exclusive chat with Kareena Gianani, the founder of Katha Collective speaks about his new initiative which will curate sensitive, opinionated photo essays

  • A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

    A candid chat with restaurateur Farrokh Khambata

    The owner of Catering & Allied, which runs four restaurants in Mumbai — Joss, Amadeus, Umame and Café at the NCPA, talks to Phorum Dalal about quitting his first job within a week, his love for diving and more

  • An ode to Arun Kolatkar

    An ode to Arun Kolatkar

    French researcher Laetitia Zecchini has released the first book on poet Arun Kolatkar's life and work. She tells Kareena Gianani how writing it was an adventure and the benevolent, funny man she discovered in the process

  • Sulajja Firodia Motwani lives <strong>life</strong> on the edge

    Sulajja Firodia Motwani lives life on the edge

    In a candid chat with Fareeda Kanga, the businesswoman shares why she lives life on the edge and how she still needs to realise her full potential

  • I write to justify the character: Irshad Kamil

    I write to justify the character: Irshad Kamil

    Lyricist, poet and writer Irshad Kamil opens up about his work philosophy, his future projects and why a song from his 2011 movie Rockstar continues to be his caller tune, as Deepali Dhingra tunes in

  • It's raining dogs and dogs

    It's raining dogs and dogs

    The many sides of dog lovers, canines musing on life and dogs in a post-apocalyptic world — a new anthology co-edited by Vidyun Sabhaney and Jeremy Stoll features compelling works on the four-legged creatures by five Indian and five US writers and artists, writes Kareena Gianani

  • Take home a chef

    Take home a chef

    The Hopping Chef, an online portal launching soon, will allow you to sign up a chef to cook up a storm in your kitchen

  • Tyre-d soles for a social cause

    Tyre-d soles for a social cause

    Jay and Jyothsna Rege work with cobblers in Chembur’s Thakkar Bappa Colony upcycling spare tyres to make footwear. Selling the sandals through their venture Paaduks, profits are set aside for the artisans’ healthcare and their children’s education

  • How Dilip Kapur bagged it all

    How Dilip Kapur bagged it all

    The designer talks to Anu Prabhakar about his childhood in Puducherry, living as a hippie in America and why Indian men were considered fuddy-duddies once upon a time