The many shades of friendship in Bollywood

The many shades of friendship in Bollywood

More often than not, relationships in B-Town are said to be fickle. But, in an industry that has seen its share of ego clashes, some unlikely friendships have bloomed

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  • Movie Review: 'Hercules'

    Movie Review: 'Hercules'

    The film is supposed to be based on a classic adult graphic novel, but plays out like it was based on a nursery book

  • Movie Review: 'Lucy'

    Movie Review: 'Lucy'

    Over the past few years, director Luc Besson has proved only one thing that he literally does not give a tinker’s cuss about anyone who watches his films

  • Movie Review: '22 Jump Street'

    Movie Review: '22 Jump Street'

    22 Jump Street was originally going to release in India in September. But now that it’s released in Indian theatres already, I’ll give you ten reasons to go see it at the earliest

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Dear Diana

'I'm scared of physical intimacy...'

'I'm scared of physical intimacy...'

I have been with my boyfriend for almost six months, but on the physical intimacy front, things are not at all well

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You shall experience a great deal of success today, which is likely to make some people antagonistic towards you. There is precious little you can do about it, except forgive.Read More



Official meetings, perhaps even in branch offices, will keep you busy. Taking suggestions from grassroots' workers will prove to be very beneficial.Read More



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A trusted person shall do wonders to lift up your spirits and give you much needed moral support. Don't give up on your efforts, positive results are just round the corner.Read More