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  • Movie review: 'The Maze Runner'

    Movie review: 'The Maze Runner'

    Keeping up with the steady flow of screen adaptations from young adult novels, 'The Maze Runner' is the latest entrant in the genre. Thankfully, it doesn't succumb to formulas and steers clear of cliches -- for the most part

  • Movie review: 'Khoobsurat'

    Movie review: 'Khoobsurat'

    Fairy tales are fantasies served with candyfloss. Sonam Kapoor starrer 'Khoobsurat' aims to be just that, only it is less creative fantasy and dripping more of sugary syrup

  • Movie review: 'Daawat-e-Ishq'

    Movie review: 'Daawat-e-Ishq'

    Set in Hyderabad and Lucknow, Daawat-E-Ishq, is a love story that also talks about a social cause. The premise is promising, the intention is right, but the half-baked script fails to hold one’s attention for long

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CLT20 2014 - Champions League Twenty20 2014

Dear Diana

'I am caught in an unhappy marriage...'

'I am caught in an unhappy marriage...'

I am 51 and in an unhappy marriage. I have a female friend who is single and in my age group. We keep in touch over the phone mostly due to office work...

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You may be tempted to try out some exotic cuisines to please your taste buds. Also, try to get in touch with your friends to revive the friendship.Read More



The thoughts of your sweetheart shall keep you preoccupied today. For singles the day may signal a new romantic relationship. All the best.Read More



You may be in a romantic mood today, but you shall be fully aware that more than idealistic love, you need hard cash to get by in life. Hence you shall seek material security.Read More



Your views on myriad subjects may be considered as bordering on the extremes by many people around you. However, when it comes to action, you are likely to follow the crowd.Read More



If you have made elaborate travel plans, be prepared to either cancel them altogether, or truncate them substantially as some unexpected events may unfold that will need all your attention.Read More



You may be burdened with extra domestic duties today, but you shall be more than happy to comply with them. At office, you shall have all the support you need.Read More



Friendships feature topmost on your agenda. You may be ready to devote your attention specially to a friend who may be sick. Putting your work on the back-burner, you shall spend the day tending to his/her needs.Read More



With support from both your family members and professional colleagues, you shall manage to climb greater heights today. An evening party will help you unwind.Read More



Even though you may encounter a lot of difficulties in your path today, you shall rise to the occasion and overcome the testing times.Read More



No matter how much disruption surrounds you today, you shall be unmindful to it - such would be your level of concentration today. Naturally, you shall gain all-round appreciation.Read More



Today you shall feel very generous and compassionate, and are likely to go out of your way to do some charitable work, as it gives you a great sense of contentment.Read More



There is a likelihood of you attending some social functions, wherein you may find a match for yourself, if looking for one. All the best!Read More