Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing two tribal boys Avi and Jay After watching the video of Nitin Jani aka Khajurbhai

07 December,2022 08:35 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  BrandMedia

In Gujarat*s Surat District*s Juna Kakrapar Village lived two young boys from tribal community who lost there family and were staying alone. The brothers Avi who*s age was 14 years and Jay 11 years Lost their parents six years ago after prolonged illness. Since then they have been taking care of each other and working as labourers, from cooking food to washing their clothes. The boys didn*t even had a proper shelter to live properly.

All they had was just a shack. The Despite all the hardships, the brothers continued their education. As soon as Nitin Jani Got to here about them, he decided to help them and build a home for them, A computer, a TV and much more things were gifted by Nitin Jani.

Nitin Jani also uploaded the video of entire process how he made the house for those boys. India*s Prime Minister Modi got to know about the boys through the video and he decided to meet them and give a confidence boost to those hardworking boys. During an election rally in that area PM Modi met the two boys and appreciated the work of Nitin Jani.

Link of the viral video -

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