Bigg Boss 16 Exclusive! Manya Singh: My stylist and PR backed out last minute

04 October,2022 12:52 PM IST |  mumbai  |  Natasha Coutinho D`souza

The former Miss India is competing on Bigg Boss 16

Manya with Salman Khan

Former Miss India, Manya Singh is among the contestants of Salman Khan*s reality show *Bigg Boss 16.* Manya who comes from a humble background and made it big after years of struggle, admits the reason she took up the show was, she didn*t want to go- out of sight, out of mind. She spoke to about her plans for the show, her favourite ex-contestants, family and more.

What were your reasons for taking up Bigg Boss?

The show came last minute but I felt this year is the right time to go on aboard because -out of sight out of mind! That was my motive behind accepting the show and I needed it right now.

Who are your favourite ex-contestants?

I*m not a regular viewer but I have seen some episodes. I liked Rubina Dilaik and Sidharth Shukla. You should either take a view of people who are not getting there or people who got there! I always have my eye on the first and second contestants. I watched Sidharth and Asim Riaz a lot.

The show is known to rake up controversies...

Let*s making the house a loving one! Never follow what others have done, make your own way.

What duties do you plan to take up?

I*ll just go for what Bigg Boss gives me but my preference is cooking.

What will you miss from the outside world?

I will miss my parents, Ganpati bappa, my crown and my dog.

Are you a people*s person?

If the person in front of me is kind and humble only then I get along, otherwise there is always a conflict in my brain no matter how much I try!

Thoughts about host Salman Khan?

He*s amazing and I*m honoured to share the stage with him.

What have your preparations been like?

It has been a rollercoaster. I was suffering from viral fever and my parents were away. Then my stylist and PR backed out. I tried to manage and come here but I haven*t done any preparation.

Are you open to finding love in the house?

I want to be a strong woman, finding love should not be my pillar. Just Manya is enough!

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