Chitrangda Singh prefers merit over mass production

01 April,2023 07:15 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Priyanka Sharma

Chitrangda, whose Gaslight dropped online yesterday, fears quality of OTT content may suffer due to its high churn-out rate

Chitrangda Singh. Pic/Instagram

Hardly anybody in the industry would refute that OTT platforms have brought unprecedented opportunities and given wings to brave stories. Chitrangda Singh, who has had web offerings in Modern Love: Mumbai (2022) and the latest Gaslight, admits that the medium*s benefits are many. However, the actor also has a word of caution - in an attempt to meet the audience*s increased demand for content, she hopes that creators don*t end up compromising on quality. "OTT has been a breeding ground for talented writers, directors, and actors. But since there is such a high need for content, I wonder whether people are wanting to take risks. The demand is so high that sometimes it works against the idea of taking the effort and pain to think differently. It affects the quality," she explains.

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Is that the reason Singh hasn*t signed a series yet? The actor admits that she has received multiple offers, but they haven*t struck a chord with her. "When it comes to series, I haven*t found the right script. I have been offered quite a few, a lot of them [being] official remakes. But the writing gets so diluted by the time it is adapted. For a series, the writing needs to be top-notch to engage the audiences. That said, it*s about time I did a series."

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