Bigg Boss 17 fame Ayesha Khan recalls horrifying casting couch experience: 'What I hate in situations like these is...'

05 April,2024 06:02 PM IST |  Mumbai  | 

Ayesha Khan opened up about a particular casting couch experience that left her feeling uncomfortable

Ayesha Khan

Ayesha Khan, a contestant from Bigg Boss 17, spoke out about uncomfortable situations she faced in the film industry. She mentioned instances where men, under the guise of offering work, made her feel uneasy. Khan, who is also well-known on Instagram, highlighted the issue of predatory behaviour towards vulnerable women.

Bigg Boss 17 fame Ayesha Khan recalls horrifying casting couch experience

During an interview with Hauterrfly, Ayesha Khan was questioned about encountering any unpleasant incidents, particularly considering she began her acting career at a young age. Ayesha mentioned that there were "several" such occurrences and recounted her experience with a management agency.

"They got me few options of clothes to wear and I was very excited. They got a netted black top, which I had to wear and click pictures. I thought ok I will wear an inner and do this. Then the man was like, ‘No we wanted this to be seductive, sensual so don't wear anything under.' The top had nets so I obviously asked how, and why and they were like, ‘No no, the picture frame will be above your chest.' But I told him that how does it make sense because he would still be sitting in front of me.

"He told me, ‘Arey nahi aisa he hota hai, sab aise he karte hai.' What I hate in situations like these is that these men then suddenly drop big names,' ‘How do you think these people got films and are so successful today?' I don't ever want to put myself in an uncomfortable position just to get a certain sort of work. I have a strong boundary that I don't cross. Kaam nahi dena mat do, aap meri kismat nahi cheen sakte mujhse."

Ayesha Khan opens up about paparazzi culture

Recently, Ayesha Khan, took to Instagram to address paparazzi's manners. In a lengthy post on her Instagram stories, she criticized the 'obnoxious' conduct of certain photographers. She expressed her frustration with the intrusive angles some photographers attempted to capture after spotting her.

Ayesha wrote on Instagram, "What are these angles? Where are you Zooming? Consent? What is wrong with some of the media houses? Can't a woman dress the way she wants without having to fear ke pata nahi kaha kis angle see capture karlega koi? (god knows who would click at what angle) Absolutely obnoxious!"

She further wrote, "A woman is adjusting her dress before stepping out the car and you want to capture that exact moment and post, a woman is saying don't capture me from the back. Tadaa! The caption for the next post. XYZ says peeche ka mat lena (don't click from behind). Some of our media houses need to learn basic manners."

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