Watch video! Tillotama Shome: People asked me how I played a maid so convincingly

23 September,2022 03:00 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Natasha Coutinho D`souza

Tillotama got into an exclusive conversation with

Tillotama Shome in the series

Tillotama Shome, throws a curveball playing the ruthless antagonist in Season 2 of Delhi Crime. As Karishma, who brutally hacks her victims but also has dreams like any woman, Tillotama effectively walks what is a very tricky tightrope. In an exclusive chat with watch the actress open up about the role and career.

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Speaking about the kind of questions she gets asked the actress said, "When I played Ratna in *Sir* people asked me *how did you play a maid so convincingly? You don*t ask that to an actor who plays a doctor! It*s a job that we watch around us, you know how it*s done. I*m trying to play Ratna*s desires, dreams and disappointments. It*s the same with Karishma. Underneath the flesh and the bones is what she wants and it*s often what I want!"

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