Beat the heat in style: Your guide to summer fashion

18 May,2024 09:56 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Maitrai Agarwal

Summer heat got you beat? Ditch the sweat, not the style! Fashion experts list breezy fabrics, cool trends, and comfy tips to keep you sizzling (without the sunburn) all season long

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Summer's here, and with it comes the chance to revamp your wardrobe with fresh, breezy clothes. But don't let the heat dictate your style. This season is all about striking the perfect balance between comfort and cool. Imagine flowing fabrics that dance in the breeze, vibrant colours that reflect the joyous spirit of the season, and effortless silhouettes that keep you feeling refreshed all day long. Fashion experts delve into the world of breathable materials, ensuring you stay comfortable even as the mercury climbs, alongside the hottest trends, from playful prints to timeless classics, so you can express your unique style with confidence.
Fabrics first

The key to conquering summer style lies in the fabric you choose. Forget about heavy materials that trap heat - embrace lightweight, breathable heroes! "When it comes to staying ahead of the fashion game, nothing beats the importance of choosing breathable and lightweight fabrics to keep cool and stylish in the scorching heat," says designer Sarah Gonsalves. Below, Sarah Gonsalves and Sandeep Gonsalves list five fabrics to incorporate into your wardrobe this summer:

Renowned for its versatility and comfort, cotton remains a top choice for our summer silhouettes. We recommend cotton shirts and pants in pastel shades for their ability to create an airy and earthy sensation. Additionally, their soft and relaxed aesthetic complements the bright sunny days of summer. Pro tip: Choose pieces crafted from 100 per cent cotton to allow you maximum breathability.

A universal favourite on the summer fashion scene, linen boasts excellent heat-regulating properties. In addition to the traditional linen shirt and pants, we suggest considering unlined linen jackets. These jackets combine the cooling properties of linen with the breezy and lightweight feel of an unlined design, making it the perfect pick for layering during warm weather. Investing in linen pieces is a timeless decision that will keep you looking voguish and sharp season after season.

Wool-silk-linen blend
Combining the best of these worlds. Worsted wool, known for its durable and structural qualities, pairs seamlessly with linen to create a fabric that is both breathable and resilient. This blend of textures adds dimensions to the attire, particularly enhancing its appeal for contemporary designs and relaxed silhouettes. This results in a flattering fit suitable for a multiple of body types. These suit's adaptability makes them a favoured option for both relaxed summer occasions and formal gatherings with the versatility to be styled in different manners. We recommend pairing this fabric suit with a smart shirt and tie for business events or dressing it down with a polo shirt for summer weddings.

Seersucker is crafted from cotton, making it another classic summer fabric that's perfect for hot days. We choose to incorporate seersucker fabric into our garments due to its unique weaving method, resulting in a textured, puckered surface that offers exceptional comfort and adds visual interest to our clothing. This fabric's versatility allows us to use it in various garments, including suits, shirts, and trousers, ensuring its suitability for different styles and occasions.

We opt for bamboo fabric in our suits and jackets because of its sustainability and luxurious softness, perfect for summer attire. Bamboo fabrics' inherent softness provides exceptional comfort in warm weather, offering a breathable and gentle option compared to conventional suit materials.

10 Summer fashion tips from the pros
Ditch the sweat and embrace the heat in style with these expert tips by designer Shilpi Gupta and Neeraj Singh, head of design at Fashinza.

Colour crush
Summer is the perfect time to embrace bold colours and playful patterns. Bask in the sun's energy with bold hues like sunny yellows, coral pinks, and ocean blues. Or, feel the cool summer breeze with soft pastels like lavender and mint green. Bright hues like coral, turquoise, and yellow are all on-trend for 2024. Don't be afraid to add a pop of colour to your outfits - it's a fun way to express yourself!

Bohemian Spirit
Boho prints are a summer staple, and this year they're getting a vibrant refresh. Energetic colours add a new twist to classic paisley designs and sun/astrological motifs. Crochet details and ornamental floral patterns also make an appearance, letting you create a unique and effortlessly stylish look. Channel your inner bohemian with natural straw hats and bags. These versatile pieces add a touch of beachy charm to any outfit, taking you from casual beachwear to chic city style. Plus, they introduce a delightful textural element to your summer look.

Flow into comfort
Ditch the tight clothes! Stay relaxed and comfortable without sacrificing style. Loose-fitting silhouettes are your new best friend. Think flowy maxi dresses, wide-leg pants, or comfy oversized shirts. They'll keep you cool and provide a relaxed, on-trend look.

Effortlessly elegant kaftans
Make a statement at summer weddings with a chic kaftan dress. Gupta recommends flowy silhouettes with unique details, creating an effortless yet stylish look that's sure to turn heads.

Blooming with confidence: the floral trend
Florals are blossoming this season! Embrace your femininity with floral prints and ruffles, adding a touch of Victorian charm. Explore options like floral tunics, bodycon dresses or printed maxis. Pair them with sneakers for a casual vibe or sandals for a dressier look.

Embrace your heritage with traditional touches
Connect with your cultural roots by incorporating lightweight kurtas and kurti dresses. These versatile pieces are perfect for both casual and formal occasions, allowing for easy styling. Pair them with cotton pants or denim jeans to complete your look.

Cool and edgy: cut-outs and mesh
Want to add a touch of edge to your summer style? Look for clothing with strategic cut-outs or mesh panels. They provide ventilation while keeping your look modern and interesting. These pieces can easily transition from day to night, making them perfect for various occasions.

Utility chic takes centre stage
Utility-inspired fashion is a major trend this season. Think cargo pants, functional pockets, and neutral colour palettes. It's all about incorporating practical elements from workwear and military attire into everyday clothing for a stylish and comfortable look.

Mix and match your style
Summer fashion is all about having fun with different styles! Whether you love bohemian chic, preppy nautical vibes, or anything in between, embrace what makes you feel confident. Experiment and mix and match pieces to create unique outfits that reflect your personal style.

The ultimate accessory: confidence
No matter the trend you choose, remember to infuse your own personal style! Shilpi encourages you to prioritise comfort and sustainability in your clothing choices. But above all, wear your outfit with confidence - that's the ultimate accessory that will make you truly shine this summer.

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