Why women wear nauvari sarees on Maharashtrian festivals like Gudi Padwa

09 April,2024 05:01 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  mid-day online correspondent

Draping a nauvari saree encourages women to embrace their cultural heritage with a modern twist and yet stay rooted to their cultural identity as Maharashtrian women

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As the state of Maharashtra woke up to celebrate Gudi Padwa, women stepped out for celebrations looking not just beautiful by dashing. Maharashtrian women hold a special love in their hearts for nauvari sarees. This traditional outfit is especially worn during Maharashtrian festivals for their cultural significance.

We share key reasons why this nine-yard saree holds both cultural and traditional significance.

Historical relevance: In the ancient days, this nauvari saree was most commonly worn by women belonging to the Maratha Empire especially those from the warrior communities.

Unique style of draping: The fabric of the saree is nine yards long. The yards folded together measure the length of the saree. The draping style of a nauvari saree is unique as it involves multiple pleats and is draped into a pant-like structure. Draping a nauvari saree is an art in itself, Futher, a nauvari saree exudes grace and elegance.

Expression of culture: Women opt for nauvari sarees on festivals and special occasions like family weddings to express their cultural identity. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the rich heritage and a connection to their roots.

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Perfect for festive events: Many Indian festivals like Gudi Padwa are celebrated seeking the blessings of gods for health, prosperity, good fortune and happiness. It is only natural for women to dress up in nauvari sarees that flaunt intricate design work, prints and diverse shades which add more festive spirit to the overall celebrations.

Community bonding: Women are known to coordinate their outfits for events and festivals. Usually on festivals like Gudi Padwa, all women of the community are seen wearing nauvari which reflects unity. This encourages them to bond with each other and establish a sense of togetherness.

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Adaptation of modern styles: Earlier paired with garlands, scarves, gold ornaments and Kolhapuri chappals, nauvari sarees today are being paired with a variety of other accessories that make women look even more beautiful than ever. Some of the accessories include sneakers and sunglasses.

All of these factors combined make nauvari sarees a popular choice of most women during festivals, encouraging them to embrace their cultural heritage with a modern twist and yet stay rooted to their cultural identity as a Maharashtrian woman.

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