Why should netas have all the fun? Stylists share dressing tips for voting day

10 May,2024 07:12 PM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aakanksha Ahire

While our Indian netas have always looked dapper during political rallies and campaigns, it is our time to look equally stylish on our voting day. With Lok Sabha Elections in full swing, we got fashion experts to share tips on how to dress right for D-day

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Besides casting your vote, dressing for Lok Sabha Elections 2024 too, can be one of the best ways of making a powerful statement that says ‘you matter'.
Although commoners and celebrities opt for Western casuals like oversized white T-shirts and blue denim and Indian casuals like kurtas and lenin pants when stepping out for voting you can add some fun to your overall voting experience.

From donning a white breezy saree to wearing a Gandhi topi on kurta-pyjamas, there are a variety of looks you can opt for, for the main day.

As Mumbai goes to polls on May 20, Mid-day.com spoke to two fashion experts --" Rikita Saluja, founder, Dramebaaz and Raghav Agarwal, CEO, Twamev â€" who share easy tips to look your best on voting day.

"Honestly, the power dresser in me loves to go for a pantsuit. Voting is the true power we all have in a democracy, right? So pantsuits like a co-ord set or the blazer set are the perfect OOTD (outfit of the day) for me for voting day," says Saluja of Dramebaaz.

Agarwal of Twamev states, "The voter turnout in Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 is going to be massive. These massive elections come at a time when the sun is in no mood to go easy on the voters. So opting for comfortable clothing is an absolute must. Pairing up a light-hued kurta and flats is a classic that also exudes effortless style."

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Outfit ideas for voting day
Saluja: Co-ords, jumpsuits, and blazer sets are all great options to make an empowering statement. If you are concerned about the weather, I'd recommend something light and airy, like dresses or skirts so that you stay comfortable.

Agarwal: I recommend opting for simpler, more manageable attire and breathable fabrics. This choice is particularly crucial as waiting in lines under the sun can present considerable challenges. In these cases, I would recommend something light and airy, like linen kurtas. You can pair them up with simple cotton pants, or even dhotis, to channel the patriotic Indian in you.

As for women, I would recommend cotton or organza sarees, flowy anarkalis, or even short kurtis with palazzos. They can be mixed and matched, as per your preference and aesthetic.

Outfit ideas to blend summer and election looks
Saluja: A nice breezy organza dress is the best mix of summer fashion and voting day looks. It will not only keep you comfortable all day long but also simultaneously make you look your confident best for the day. Further, a spaghetti dress or a tiered dress would also make for a perfect outfit.

These outfits can be paired with some chic minimalist jewellery. Make sure you cover up your feet. You don't want to burn them standing in the queue in the hot sun.

Agarwal: To strike the right balance, lightweight ethnic kurtas are honestly my go-to. They can be paired with virtually any type of bottomwear: from jeans to linen pants, from cotton trousers to dhotis. These outfits are supremely easy to pair and will help keep you cool, calm, and composed. For women, short kurtis with palazzos, lightweight cotton sarees, as well as pastel anarkalis can also be paired fabulously with flats.

Ideas to style your hair
Saluja: A high ponytail or a messy tied bun would be ideal to beat the heat-induced sweat around the neck area. These hairstyles are effortless and practical, keeping your hair off your neck while looking chic. You can also try a sleek top knot or a braided crown for a trendy summer look.

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Make-up and footwear tips
Saluja: Keep your makeup fresh and effortless for voting day. A light, dewy foundation paired with a subtle eye look and a pop of colour on the lips can strike the perfect balance.

For footwear, opt for something fashionable yet comfortable that can help you stand in queue for a long time at the polling booth. I recommend opting for stylish sneakers or trendy flats. These options offer both fashion-forward appeal and the necessary comfort for a potentially long wait.

Agarwal: Keep your make-up simple and natural. A light foundation or tinted moisturiser, a touch of mascara, and some lip and cheek tint will make you look put together without being too much. Avoid heavy makeup or bright colours, as you want to feel comfortable and confident while you're waiting in line to vote.

Don't forget to apply sunscreen before applying make-up. This will help you protect your skin from harsh sunlight.

For footwear, look for comfortable shoes with good support like stylish sneakers or low-heeled boots. These will keep you looking cool while standing in line to vote without hurting your feet.

Fabrics to avoid
Saluja: Dark colours like black, olive green, dark blue, etc. should be avoided at all costs. Opt for lighter pastel shades. Avoid anything with any political or communal slogans or strong messaging.

Agarwal: Avoid wearing dark colours and heavy fabrics. Steer clear from wearing shirts or accessories that have inciting slogans, logos, or symbols.

Recreate celebrity looks perfect for voting
1. Katrina Kaif's chic white floral shirt dress is perfect. You can recreate her look with a similar dress.

2. If you're feeling more flowery, Ananya Pandey's floral co-ord set is another great option. Just pair it with some cute accessories to complete the look.

Agarwal: A bright yellow breezy Chikankari kurta like the one seen on Orry can be a perfect fit to step out in the sun and wait in the long queue.

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Added tips for a seamless voting experience in harsh weather
1. Ensure you pair your outfit with either a cap, wide-rimmed hat or any other headgear that goes with your outfit.

2. You can also carry your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight. Pick sunglasses that go well with your outfit. They not only keep your eyes cool and away from heat strain but also make you look sassy.

3. Pair your outfit with either a small sling bag or a waist bag that can hold essential items like a handy water bottle, deodorant, lip balms, wet wipes and sanitiser. Bags never fail to elevate one's overall look. If you are up for a bigger bag, you can also opt for an organic tote bag.

4. You can also go a tad bit overboard by carrying an umbrella. This will add a dramatic look to your overall outfit and also provide you shade in the sun.

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