Y2K sunglasses to bucket hats, 8 trending accessories you must get your hands on

26 April,2023 10:47 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aakanksha Ahire

Level up your look with trending accessories that have caught the eye of fashionistas. Stylists and fashion experts share handy tips to choose the perfect accessory that will amp up your outfit and confidence

If you are someone who loves everything fashion, now is the perfect time to try out some of the currently trending accessories. Photo Courtesy: iStock

Accessories are now ruling the fashion world like never before, and there can be no debate about it. Be it Kiara Advani's pink shawl and her mini bag collection that created a lot of buzz, or the veteran actor Zeenat Aman's recent collaboration with jewellery label Misho, or even our very own Karan Johar's ever stylish sun glasses, accessories have been making signature style statements for quite some time now.

Fashion influencers, too, have left no stone unturned in donning a variety of accessories. So much so, they have now inspired fashion enthusiasts to try out the trending accessories for themselves.

"Accessories can either make or break an outfit, so it's extremely important to choose the right ones," says Rachel D'cruz, a digital content creator and a celebrity fashion stylist known to have styled some iconic personalities like Malaika Arora, Shridevi, and Amy Jackson, for magazines like FHM, L'Officiel, and Naked.

Adding to this, fashion influencer Muskan Chanchlani says, "Accessories have the power to take any look from 10 to 100. Be it the right kind of jewellery, a watch, or a bag, accessorising plays an important role in amplifying a look."

"Wearing a beautiful outfit and not accessorising will make the look too boring and bland. Accessories add flavour to the outfit and, at times, also become the star of the whole ensemble," says another fashion influencer, Leisha Patidar.

If you are someone who loves everything fashion, now is the perfect time to try out some of the currently trending accessories. While we all want to look stylish, most of us can hardly decide which set of accessories will look great with what kind of clothing.

This, however, should not stand in your way of trying out the newest trends. Mid-day only spoke to fashion pundits, who shared some cool tips with us on how to style accessories. These styling tips are sure to take your fashion game up a notch.

Let's first take a look at the top 8 trending accessories you must know about:

Supersized and mini bags
D'cruz has listed super-sized bags as a trending accessory. These bags are probably the best to wear when you are stepping out for a casual outing. They are comfortable to carry as they easily slide into your arm and have a huge storage capacity. On the other hand, for fashion influencer Chanchlani, mini bags are her go-to accessory. "I plan my outfits around my bags. They are always the main statement piece of my look, and everything else just has to flow with it," she shares. Currently, she is obsessed with her blue mini Gucci Marmont bag. She says, "It is a super playful bag. The size of it is perfect, and its chain adds many styles to it." Her second favourite is the Cult Gaia Ark bag, or as a lot of people call it, the basket bag. This said, mini bags that look quirky yet stylish are also what you should be investing in right now.

Leisha Patidar who goes by the Instagram name @leishapatidarrr is seen pulling off dainty jewellery on a blue dress(left)and Muskan Chanchlani who goes by the Instagram name @missmcblush is wearing her all-time favourite Cult Gaia Ark bag(right). Photo Courtesy: Leisha Patidar, Muskan Chanchlani

Brash and intricate jewellery
Digital content creator and fashion influencer Mohak Narang loves accessories like rings, necklaces, and bracelets. He says, "They can never run out of fashion." Narang adds, "I wear these accessories all the time. It's all about how you pair them with your outfit. If you are going out for a party, you can pair them accordingly, whereas if it is a regular day, you can choose to accessorise lightly. For me, accessories are a go-to thing, be it for a regular outing or a party."

Mohak Narang is seen flaunting his rather cool sunglasses and jewellery even for a casual outing. You can find him styling different looks on Instagram @mohak.narang Photo Courtesy: Mohak Narang

In sharing her tips, Patidar mentions dainty jewellery as one of the most trending accessories, among others. Not only are they pretty, but they also make any outfit look elegant and classy. Dainty jewellery adds a chic touch to most outfits. This kind is her all-time favourite accessory because it goes with ethnic as well as Western wear.

Adding to this, hoop earrings are another kind of jewellery that will always trend. Patidar says, "There are all types of rings that simply add a touch of sophistication or a dark aesthetic vibe, depending on which ones you like."

D'cruz also suggests wearing more silver accessories, double chains, and statement bead earrings. So, going with the classic use of jewellery as an important accessorising element will never fail to enhance a look.

Bucket Hats
A lot of people are vouching for this accessory. Bucket hats have just made summer look cooler. If you are planning a beach vacation, a bucket hat is a must, If you are stepping out for grocery shopping, this hat makes the journey to the store a little calming given that it offers protection from the sun. Further, if you have lunch plans with your friends, you will definitely have compliments coming your way with a bucket hat on your head. If you don't have one already, you know what to do.

Rachel D'cruz who goes by the Instagram name @thateclecticone is seen wearing gloves, bucket hat, Y2K sunglasses and boots looking chick and stylish. Photo Courtesy: Rachel D'cruz

Y2K Sunglasses
While some don't like them, many love them, and there is no doubt these sunglasses are here to stay. They are sure to make you look bold and sassy. For Narang, sunglasses are his favourite accessory in the summer. Not only do they make you look stylish, but they also protect the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, keeping them cool.

Numerous varieties of boots have made them a go-to for many who like to have both comfort and style. You can pair a formal or casual outfit with the right kind of boots. They are D'cruz's go-to in 2023. She says, "Boots literally make any outfit look too good and chic. Every time I style a pair of boots, it looks like I have taken a lot of effort to dress up, but it's actually just the boots elevating the look."

Sneakers have been trending for far too long now, and we have reasons why. Can we pick more comfortable, affordable, and fashionable footwear that goes with literally anything we wear? Even the brides have ditched cruel high heels for sneakers and paired them up with their lehengas after all.

Birkenstock slides
These ones are for those who love to look sporty. Chanchlani says Birkenstock slides are one of her favourites, as they are super comfortable and just perfect for this season.

Though gloves were often considered fashion of the ancient era, they are back in vogue. This trend is largely influenced by the many celebrities who have been spotted wearing gloves, from pop star Rihanna to Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor. If you choose to wear something that is classy and elegant, you can consider pairing it with gloves.

While we now know which accessories are trending, we also must know the right ways to style them to enhance our overall look. D'cruz lists below some basic styling tips to keep in mind when pairing the accessories with the outfit.

1. If the outfit is simple, try pairing it with a statement piece or over-accessorising to elevate the look (like wearing multiple rings, double chains, hats, or boots).
2. Play with colours. If your outfit has colourful prints of blue or green, pairing it with a blue or green earring, necklace, bag, shoes, or ring will help amp up the look.
3. Add statement earrings when your hair is tied up in a bun. You can never go wrong with this.
4. For outfits with a deeper neckline, always wear a necklace or choker to accentuate the neck.
5. Having a good pair of shoes, a bag, or a hat can help give any outfit that stylish and effortless look.
6. Avoid wearing jewellery if it's going to get covered. For example, bracelets under long sleeves, tiny earrings with open hair, and a necklace inside a turtleneck don't add up to the look.
7. Do not over-accessorise if the outfit is already a statement piece.
8. Don't stick to the traditional way of styling accessories. You can wear a bracelet as a choker or a chain as a belt.
9. Do not pair too many statement accessories together. It can make your look lose its whole essence.
10. Avoid wearing belts only with pants. Style them with your dresses or skirts too.
11. Avoid wearing silver and gold accessories together.

If you are unsure where to find trending accessories in the city, D'cruz has suggested some places she buys her accessories from.

Get your hands on trending accessories here:
1. Online or thrift stores
2. Bandra Hill Road, Mumbai
3. Colaba causeway, Mumbai
4. Stalls outside Andheri and Malad railways station

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