World Homoeopathy Day 2024: Doctors urge consideration of homoeopathic treatments for chronic and lifestyle diseases, here’s why

10 April,2024 09:33 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Aakanksha Ahire

On World Homoeopathy Day 2024, two experts answer some frequently asked questions on the effectiveness of homoeopathy and also state why more people should opt for this school of medicine

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Over the years, homoeopathy in India has experienced a remarkable revival with the support of the AYUSH ministry. Ayush is an acronym for Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa and Homoeopathy.

This upsurge of interest in homoeopathy is driven by its increased popularity, cost-effectiveness, and growing recognition of its efficiency in treating various health problems. Yet, this school of medicine is laced with certain misconceptions. To raise awareness about homoeopathy, World Homeopathy Day is observed annually on April 10.

On this day, we reached out to two homoeopathy experts - Dr Shreepad Khedekar, MD and bachelor of homoeopathic medicine and surgery and Dr Mohsin Thanawala (@drmohsinthanawala), advanced homoeopathy, who dive into its effectiveness in treating various diseases, common misconceptions and why people should consider opting for this form of treatment.

Khedekar tells, "The term homoeopathy is derived from the Greek language. The two words ‘homoeo' and ‘pathy' mean ‘similar' and ‘suffering'. This school of medicine uses natural substances to stimulate the body's healing mechanism and treats the root cause of illness."

How is it different from allopathy medicine?
According to Khedekar allopathic medicine is the classic version of healthcare consisting of pharmacological drugs and other physical treatment approaches used to treat, suppress, or cure diseases and health problems. It targets the symptomatic phase of the disease and is quick in action when the patient is in danger.

Homoeopathy operates on certain key principles. One of them includes the minimum dose principle which believes in prescribing patients lower doses of medicines for the medicines to be more effective.

Khedekar states, "Homoeopathic doctors provide personalised treatments by considering the patient's unique symptoms and characteristics. Homoeopathic remedies are by and large safe with few but rare side effects and are mainly applied where conditions are chronic."

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Can homoeopathic medicines be used alongside other forms of medicine?
Thanawala asserts, "Since homoeopathy is free from side effects and drug interactions it can be safely taken along with other medicines of any branch. However, one must maintain some time gap if taking other medicines as homoeopathic medicines get absorbed by the tongue and work better on a clean mouth."

Additionally, Khedekar states, "Homoeopathy being vitality-centred medicine and allopathy's direct chemical impact are infused together to create a balanced combination. Integration of homoeopathy with conventional medicine, as well as with alternative therapeutic methods provides a holistic healthcare approach. This unique approach to care allows individuals to address not only their physical but also emotional and mental well-being."

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Can homoeopathy be used to treat severe diseases like cancer?
Homoeopathy, even though not a complete substitute for conventional cancer treatments, can be used as a supportive measure for patients' holistic healing. Its role in managing symptoms and side effects covers easing pain, enhancement of life quality, and lessening stress.

Commenting on this, Khedekar shares, "The homoeopathy remedies that support the immune system and health can be combined with the standard cancer therapies to develop a holistic approach to cancer treatment which improves the overall treatment outcomes of the patients."

Seconding what Khedekar says, Thanawala too says, "Homoeopathy plays a great role in relieving patients' suffering that comes with cancer. It helps by improving the quality of life of the patient. I had a patient who had incessant vomiting due to cancer. The patient would vomit over 30 - 40 times a day. Many medicines were prescribed to stop the vomiting but to no avail. We put him on homoeopathy medications and within just a day the vomit came down."

How effective is homoeopathy in treating chronic and lifestyle ailments?
Homoeopathy proves to be beneficial in the long-term management of chronic ailments as well as lifestyle disorders. Chronic diseases include heart diseases, COPD, and cancers while lifestyle diseases include obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.

Thanawala tells us, "Homoeopathy is a science which believes in improving the immunity based on the patient's complete case and correcting the cause of the problem at hand. The results in lifestyle diseases are impressive. If a person does not want to take medicine for life or at least delay the development of these diseases they should opt for homoeopathy."

Khedekar adds, "Unlike conventional medications, homoeopathy treats the individual instead of the disease. In general, it can affect nearly any symptom of the patient, such as skin, significant organs, connecting tissues, and digestion, which may be used for the treatment of chronic diseases. Nevertheless, it is not just used for chronic conditions, but can also be successfully applied to diseases such as fever, cough, cold, pain, and infections without any side effects."

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Is homoeopathy effective in treating reproductive health issues like PCOS, infertility, etc.?
The study on homoeopathy and reproductive health issues shows promising results in treating infertility and related conditions. According to Thanawalla, treating reproductive health issues using homoeopathy is extremely easy and very effective, especially in cases of PCOS.

Khedekar also states, "Through individualised homoeopathic treatment, patients with reproductive issues like endometriosis have experienced successful pregnancies and the delivery of healthy newborns."

Why must people opt for homoeopathy?
Homoeopathy is an alternative medicine system based on the philosophy of self-healing and individualisation which has been used for a very long time. Despite its popularity, there are yet several misunderstandings surrounding it.

People falsely believe, as stated by Khedekar, that homoeopathy has no proven data by science. However, many research studies demonstrate its effectiveness. Although there are beliefs that homoeopathy does not work or is incompatible with other treatments, the fact that there's a growing body of research that is supporting its benefits has made homoeopathy a gentle and personalised treatment modality that can be used for various health conditions.

Khedekar adds, "People should opt for homoeopathy as it is safe, gentle, and permanent. This is the only science that goes right down to your genetic level to reverse and cure diseases as against mere palliation or symptomatic relief. Also, homoeopathy is very affordable and without any side effects when used according to cardinal principles by an expert."

Thanawala too opines, "Unlike what most people think, homoeopathy is purely scientific and based on fixed principles. At our clinic we treat cases of fever very swiftly, busting the misconception that homoeopathy is very slow."

He urges, "If you have an illness and are suffering, give homoeopathy three months of your dedication and faith. You will notice the recovery on your own."

Disclaimer: This information does not replace professional medical advice. Consult a qualified specialist or your physician for personalised guidance.

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