IN PHOTOS: Mumbai Crime Branch searches Tapi river in Surat for gun used in Salman Khan firing case

The Mumbai Crime Branch has launched a search operation in Surat's Tapi river to recover the gun used by the accused in Salman Khan firing case. Pics/sources (Story/Shirish Vaktania)

Updated On: 2024-04-22 05:03 PM IST

Compiled by : Asif Ali Sayed

Crime branch officials from Unit 9 took one of the accused to Surat to locate the firearm used in case. Pics/sources (Story/Shirish Vaktania)

Mumbai Crime Branch, which is investigating the Salman Khan house firing case, is in Surat city searching for the gun used by the shooters

The accused persons, during interrogation, told the crime branch sleuths that they threw the gun in Tapi River in Surat while escaping to Kutch Bhuj

Nearly 10-15 persons from Unit 9 of the crime branch reached Surat on Monday morning and took one of the accused with them to locate the firearm used in the Salman Khan house firing case

The officials are being assisted in the search by the Surat Crime Branch, divers and fishermen there to recover the gun

The crime branch began the search operation at around 11 am and will be continuing with it till the end of the day. Until now, they have not retrieved any guns

An official said, "The gun used in the Salman Khan house firing incident was of good quality. The bullet was sized 7.62 mm." The assailants told the cops that after they reached Surat, they walked towards the railway bridge over the Tapi River and then disposed of the gun in the river

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