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04 February,2023 08:03 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Prakash Gosavi

Luck will be a major factor. I hope I will have luck of the race.

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Arjun Manglorkar, trainer of Mirra: I have a good filly running. I thought highly of her from the day she came to my stable. It*s an open race. Luck will be a major factor. I hope I will have luck of the race.

S Padmanabhan, trainer of Philosophy: Difficult to predict. But if you want me to nominate one horse, then I will go with my filly--Philosophy. She is the only one who has beaten King*s Ransom, is a group race runner, and has gone over the trip.

Gaurav Ramphal, bloodstock agent: Not in any particular order, but King*s Ransom, Supernatural & Mojito.

Malesh Narredu, trainer of Wall Street: Crowded field, so luck of the race and gate position will be very crucial. Supernatural, Once You Go Black, Shamrock & King*s Ransom have done everything right. But I just hope my horse (Wall Street) turns out to be the dark horse.

Anit Kasyap, race caller: King*s Ransom, Supernatural, Once You Go Black--I don*t see beyond these three.

Satish Narredu, trainer of Shamrock & Ashwa Magadheera: My boss, the late Dr MAM Ramaswamy, used to say, "You can win only if you are in". So I have put in both my horses by paying the late entry fee.

Jehangir Poncha, horse feed manufacturer: King*s Ransom, Mojito, Mirra & Supernatural.

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Dallas Todywalla, trainer: I am a bit biased towards the local horses--the Pesi duo of Supernatural and King*s Ransom, Mojito & Once You Go Black should be concerned at the finish. Among outstation challengers I think Arjun Manglorkar*s Mirra looks good.

Bezan Chinoy, trainer: I think the race is between Pesi*s two horses--King*s Ransom & Supernatural. There is no third horse.

Bakhtiar, race lover & regular Derby visitor: I think it will be a straight fight between King*s Ransom & Mirra.

Adhirajsingh, trainer of Dangerous: I run three horses in the Derby fray: Dangerous, Dyf & Van Gogh. Dangerous has found King*s Ransom a tough nut to crack, but she has trained on well after the Oaks.

Shiven Surendranath, RWITC steward & owner of Once You Go Black: Big field, 19 runners, an upset cannot be ruled out. My horse is feeling well, and I believe we have one of the best jockeys in Sandesh.

Narendra Lagad, trainer of Golden Neil: Supernatural, King*s Ransom & Golden Neil.

Rehanullah Khan, trainer: I don*t see any outstanding horse in the Derby fray. The race is open. Pesi*s filly, King*s Ransom, has a slight edge.

Shujaat Hussain, Chief Stipe: Luck of the race and jockey temperament will be strong factors because of the big field. I am looking forward to a very exciting race.

Altaf Hussain, trainer: They all have to beat Pesi Shroff*s pair--King*s Ransom & Supernatural. The dark horse may be the one ridden by Sandesh--Once You Go Black.

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