Horse racing: Thunberg tipped for Smasher Trophy

04 February,2023 08:39 AM IST |  Mumbai  |  Prakash Gosavi

Challenge comes in the form of Lord Frankel and Balor

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The eight-race Saturday card, which ushers in the biggest weekend of Mahalaxmi racing, could prove very tricky, so caution must be the watchword. For the prime event, the Smasher Trophy for class II horses, I nominate the Pesi Shroff-trained Thunberg (C Umesh up) who set her own pace in two of the three Classics run so far on this track, and still managed to figure in place. Thunberg is expected to fight it out with the two outstation challengers--Lord Frankel & Balor.

First race at 2.30 pm.


Cabriolet Trophy- Div II (Class V; 1000m)
House Of Lords 1, Harriet 2, M*Sarrat 3.

Hunt For Gold Trophy- Div I (Class V; 1400m)
Phenom 1, Rubik Star 2, Esfir 3.

Icebreaker Trophy (Class IV; 2400m)
Geographique 1, Castaneda 2, Alpha Gene 3.
Cabriolet Trophy- Div I (Class V; 1000m)
Ristretto 1, Superimpose 2, Mirae 3.
Smasher Trophy (Class II; 2000m)
Thunberg 1, Lord Frankel 2, Balor 3.

Decent Proposal Trophy (For 5y&o, class IV; 1000m)
Jet Typhoon 1, Impermanence 2, Fidato 3.
Picasso Trophy (Class III; 1400m)
Claudius 1, Singer Sarget 2, Lord Vader 3.

Hunt For Gold Trophy- Div II (Class V; 1400m)
Midas Touch 1, Walter 2, Nobility 3.

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Best bet: Geographique (3-2)
Upsets: Sky Commander (2-3), Lord Murphy (4-11) & Hilma Clint (6-2)

Today*s pools
Super jackpot pool: 3,4,5,6,7,8
Jackpot pool: 4,5,6,7,8
Treble pool: I - 5,6,7; II - 6,7,8
Tanala pool: All races.

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