Adnan Sami pays tribute to his lead bass guitarist

Jul 22, 2013, 09:13 IST | The Hitlist Team

Adnan Sami is missing his lead bass guitarist Dwight Pattison who passed away recently. Pattison, 48, succumbed to a cardiac arrest

Says Adnan, “He was like the pillar of our band who held everybody together. He was always punctual and never missed a single concert in our time together. It took me some time before I could understand what was happening around me after hearing the news.

Adnan Sami

In fact after the incident, when I went on stage for my concert in Trinidad there was a void within me. I felt like I owed this to Dwight and dedicated the concert to him.” Dwight passed away due to a cardiac arrest in Kalimpong last month.

Dwight Pattison

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