Bigg Boss 11: Sapna Choudhary says, 'Hina Khan isn't the way she's being shown on national TV'

Updated: 29 November, 2017 11:21 IST | Gayatri Nirmal | Mumbai

Sapna Choudhary is out of the reality television show 'Bigg Boss 11'. The 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episode hosted by Salman Khan saw the elimination of the Haryanvi dancer

Known as the 'Anarkali of Haryana', contestant Sapna Choudhary entered the 'Bigg Boss 11' house as a commoner and managed to gain recognition for herself. Last weekend saw the elimination of Sapna from the show and she isn't unhappy about it. Rather, the evicted contestant is proud and at 'peace'. Talking to mid-day, she unleashed many covers of her rival contestants from the house. The candid conversation had praises beaming for Hina Khan and also hatred for some other contestants. Read the entire interaction to know more about Sapna Choudhary.

Sapna Choudhary
Sapna Choudhary

After spending several days inside the 'Bigg Boss' house, how does it feel to see the outside world?
It feels like I've gained peace.

Were you expecting your eviction this week?
I was very sure that I'll get evicted this week because I was constantly being nominated for the past few weeks. I would want to thank my fans for showing their support towards me. However, there comes a time when your fans start getting irritated and I didn't want to hurt my fans in any manner but I failed in doing so. And, as a result, here I am outside the house after the eviction.

In the nomination task, you had the chance to be safe but you saved Luv instead, don't you regret it?
I have no regrets about it. In fact, I'm very happy and I'm mighty proud of myself that because of me, my brother (Luv) will survive more two weeks in the house.

Since the beginning of the show, you have always stood for yourself, and then you joined Hina's bandwagon. So, do you think your actions were a result of Hina Khan's influence on you?
No. There's no truth to it. I haven't got influenced by anyone in the house. This is a bitter truth of life that nobody can influence a person. I think a person only listens to his/her mother and apart from it, he/she doesn't pay heeds to anybody else's talks. They do what they want. Talking about Hina, she is a very nice person. That's a different thing about how her character has been portrayed inside the Bigg Boss house and the way it is being perceived thereafter. Despite this, she is a very nice human being.

Who do you think is playing the best in the house?
I think I was playing the best because I was playing with all my heart and soul. Things didn't work out with other contestants because they all were playing mind-games. And amidst all of this, I was the only one who was only listening to her heart. Therefore, I think I was playing the best.

According to you, who fakes it all in the house?
I think Shilpa Shinde is a fake person.

Your fans were expecting to see your 'latkas' and 'thumkas', but they barely got to see you?
I did dance. Every morning I would start dancing but the original dance style of mine will only be seen outside, not in the house. Honestly, even I was missing my dance inside.

What were the thoughts in your mind, when Arshi Khan pointed out to you saying that you are a dancer?
She said it in a demeaning manner. So, for two to three minutes, I felt extremely bad, I was hurt. Later, I thought, this is what I am - a dancer. So, what's wrong with it? I avoided the whole discussion thinking it in this aspect.

Would you want to foray into Bollywood?
Of course, why not?! I haven't received any offers but I'm quite confident about myself that offers will definitely come my way.

Recently, Haryana's Manushi Chillar represented India and bagged the title of Miss World. Since you also hail from there, how does it feel?
I feel very good because the change in Haryana is such now that nobody is lacking behind in anything. Everyone is very much ahead in their field. The scenario has been changing now, everyone expects for a girl child unlike earlier, where they thought only a boy could bring prestige to the family.

Now, that Haryana's talent is flourishing all over India - be it sports (Geeta Phogat), beauty pageants and various other fields, would you like to try your hands in making regional Haryanvi films?
Of course! I'll try to do as much as possible for our regional industry but in today's times, it's impossible for me to do. I'm saying this because you need a lot many other things in hand, like capital, etc. Even though, I'll try my best for it because if I have come here, it will boost the morale of other commoners and will encourage them to come here fearlessly.

Who do you think has the capability to win the show?
The one who plays mind games has the capability to win the show and that is Akash Dadlani.

You were always taunted for being lazy and sleeping at most times. What do you have to say about it?
More than me, Akash and Vikas Gupta keep sleeping in the house. Once, if you get any tag, it doesn't leave you.

How has the environment changed after dividing the housemates into two groups?
Yes, it did spread a lot of negativity. But there wasn't any group because a group cannot survive there. Everyone has gone solo and will come out solo. Group will be a very small word for it. Time keeps telling who is in which person's group.

What did Puneesh mean when he said that your shows were meant for mass audiences and Hina's shows were for classy audiences?
Salman Khan sir has taught me a very good thing and that is, Puneesh didn't mean it in an offensive way. However, if you look it from my eyes, it was always meant to be offensive and I did get offended by it. I chose to not make a huge issue out of it. There are no definitions of the words - 'classy' and 'massy' - for artistes. An auto driver also deserves the same amount of respect, which a doctor deserves. For me, everyone is equal and there's no class differentiation. And I believe massy is better than being classy.

First, it was only Haryana, now the entire nation knows you and is a fan of your dancing. How does it feel when you start gaining so much recognition?
I'm feeling very good in the way India is showering their love for me and I have also seen it. Apart from it, I think I did not lose my self-respect in this entire journey. I went with it and came out with it. I have no qualms about my eviction. Winning and losing are the two sides of life's coin. If we don't lose then who'll win? So, at times, to make somebody win, one has to lose.  

First Published: 27 November, 2017 18:06 IST

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