'Bigg Boss 9' Day 75: Prince's proposal to Nora leaves her awkward

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Prince Narula confesses his feelings for Nora in front of the housemates and gifts her a necklace, a ring and flowers but she does not react as intensely as Prince

The Bigg Boss inmates wake up in the dead of the night to a Christmas song and rush out of their bedroom to see the house decorated in all things that spell out Christmas cheer. Not only this, but the housemates are overjoyed to find presents beneath the Christmas tree.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 75Housemates gear up for Christmas

Relaxed, the breakfast takes a lot of time to cook. Realising this, captain Suyyash questions Rochelle, Priya and Gizele as to why it is taking time. This results in a huge fight even as Gizele and Priya defend themselves. While Rochelle tries to tell everyone that it is Christmas and they must not fight, the fight still continues

Later in the day, we realise that it is not only Christmas spirit that is in the air but love has been floating around happily in the Bigg Boss house too. While Prince and Nora are in the Sky Lounge whispering sweet nothings to each other, Keith and Rochelle are in the garden deciding how they will celebrate Christmas next year together. Prince tells Nora that he is thankful to Bigg Boss for having sent her to the show.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 75Priya Malik weeps after seeing her husband Bhushan and dog Karma on Skype on the Tv screen

When Bigg Boss suddenly pauses everyone, the housemates anticipate another family member entering the house. To their surprise, a telephone rings and Priya is asked to play. She rushes to the telephone to find her husband Bhushan on the other end. She gets emotional as soon as she hears his voice but unfortunately for her, Bigg Boss asks her to rewind and she is forced to hang up. Thankful that she could at least hear his voice, an emotional Priya sobs to herself. Later during the day, Bigg Boss surprises her when she finds Bhushan and her pet dog Karma on Skype on the TV screen.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 75Nora Fatehi reads out an emotional letter to Keith Sequeira written by his mother

In the evening, the housemates reveal the mystery of the respective Secret Santas. Nora reads out the most emotional and beautifully ghost-written letter to Keith from his mother. She signs off by writing - "Every step you take, every move you make, I will be watching you. PS: Jesus and mama love you." The boys of the house also gift Keith a red shirt in the spirit of Christmas.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 75Prince Narula with his sister

Prince also confesses his feelings for Nora in front of the housemates and in spite of not being her Secret Santa, gifts her a necklace, a ring and flowers. Unfortunately, Nora does not react as intensely as Prince. Realising that Prince may have felt bad about this, Keith takes him aside and gives him a pep talk. Later, Bigg Boss pauses everyone and commands Prince to play and calls him to the confession room. An emotional letter from his sister awaits Prince apologising for not being able to make it. Meanwhile, his sister enters the house and meets all. An overwhelmed Prince comes out of the confession room to find his sister in the bedroom. Just when he introduces her to everyone, Bigg Boss pauses Prince and his sister is asked to leave the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 75Suyyash Rai with his sister

Suyyash too has a Christmas miracle coming his way! While everyone else is paused, he is told to retrieve luxury budget items from the store room. He goes to the store room where his sister surprises him. He gets emotional but immediately leads her out to make her meet everyone. In the midst of her meeting everyone, Bigg Boss asks him to rewind and he goes back to the store room. At this point, Bigg Boss asks everyone to play and Suyyash gets locked inside.

When Bigg Boss announces that the task has ended, Mandana gets upset upon realising that nobody came to meet her. In spite of their equation with Mandana, all the housemates try to cheer her up. The day draws to a close even as the housemates hold hands around the Christmas tree and sing Carols.

First Published: 26 December, 2015 11:58 IST

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