Deepak Dobriyal almost lost an eye...

May 07, 2013, 08:37 IST | Kunal M Shah

An accident on the sets in Jaipur turned out to be a horror story for the actor

Deepak Dobriyal was injured on the sets of debutant director Anirudh Chautala’s film in Rajasthan recently. The actor hurt his left eye in the mishap. He was rushed to a hospital in Jaipur where two surgeries were performed on him. He has now been shifted to Mumbai where he has to undergo more surgeries.

 Deepak Dobriyal

The accident happened on the sets when Deepak was shooting with co-star Kavita Kaushik. Kavita happened to move her hand abruptly and hit Deepak’s sunglasses, which pierced his left eye.

Deepak says, “When it happened, I knew in my mind it is so bad that I might have lost the eyesight in my left eye. But thankfully the doctor did his best and I have partial vision. There will be two more surgeries on my left eye, one to remove the stitches from the earlier surgery and to remove the foreign bodies in and around it, and also to put my lens back in my eye. However the good part is that the I am forced to take this long break and I am utilising it to write some scripts. I am keeping my figures crossed.”

Deepak’s wife Lara Bhalla says, “It was a scary time for all of us. He is resting so that his eye does not catch any infection.. Thankfully his right eye is perfect and efforts are on to getthe vision on his left eye back. Right now he can see size and colour but has no focus. He ahs kept his morale high and that is what is working for him. We all are very hopeful that he would be able to see very soon.” 

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